Granville Island Produce

This is Granville Island Produce which we found inside the Granville Public Market. There are two locations, one is inside the market and the other one is a stand alone grocery store found on Dalhousie Road. Are you are looking for some good looking fruit? Stop by here and you can find almost every kind of fruit or vegetable. The way the produce was on display was just beautiful. It seemed like it was done in an artistic kind of way. The produce was very inviting and had you craving fruit. My questions is who was patient enough to stack all those cherries and strawberries?? Wow!!

The most appealing of all the fruits were the cartons full of mixed berries and grapes. These were my favorite of all. When I’ve bought berries it was always individually, but to see such an array of super fruits was fun to see. It is rare to find a mix like this other than buying it frozen. I regret not purchasing the champagne grapes sitting behind the display of mixed berries. Once again someone as a the patience of an angel to do all of this.

My favorite fruit of all has to be grapes! I just love them and can eat them daily! I thought I had seen every grape ever grown until now. The picture on the right has a funky shaped type of grape called moon drop grapes. I should’ve bought some, but those babies are huge! I don’t think I had enough room for those in my small van fridge. At least I was able to learn about a new type of grape while visiting Granville Island Produce.

Location: Granville Island Produce

Riverview Hospital

After spending an astonishing few days in Vancouver, Canada, sadly it was time to leave. We were nearing the end of EPIC road trip, we only had three days to left to quickly look around Seattle, Washington once going back into the United States. We began our day again in Granville Public Market! Do you actually think I was going to leave without having another breakfast sandwich from Kaisereck Deli?? Ummm, yeah no that was not going to happen!! I’m telling you the sandwich was even better the second time around. I seriously could eat eggs and smoked salmon on a bagel every. Single. Day. After we ate and stopped at the Granville Island Toy Company to buy a Lego set for our son, we headed to our next destination. I was very excited about this next stop because I really enjoy reading, learning, and watching all things paranormal. I also love observing abandoned buildings as well. Riverview Hospital has all that and more. I read a lot about this historical site. Although, some buildings are abandoned, some buildings today actively serve as mental health facilities. So, that being said I was very careful on what and where I took pictures. I wanted to be super respectful to patients that were attending the buildings around there. The first thing we saw was the map, I quickly jumped out to snap a picture of it. We were planning on driving through most of the area for a couple of reasons. Technically, people aren’t suppose to just roam around. Riverview hospital doesn’t offer tours or anything. Movie crews do film in the most famous building, which have to obtain a permit and permission to film on the grounds. So we were going to have to be ultra careful not to draw too much attention to ourselves. The second and third reason was Daniel and Diego. They had zero desire to be here lol! They do not like anything paranormal or anything abandoned, especially Diego. Daniel didn’t mind however he didn’t want to linger too much and get told to leave. So coming here was all me! I took the picture of the Riverview Site Map to help us navigate and drive around. This write up is purely OUR experience here. I wrote this to share what we saw and noticed. I did some investigation and read a lot about the hospital and thought since we were close by as we traveled we could stop by. That being said, this article is not for informational purposes.

As drove around, these houses caught my attention. Obviously, it is abandoned and in all things considered in pretty good shape. I found out that these were once housing for faculty that worked in the hospital and facilities. I just wish I knew more about what it was like living there and working on the grounds. I think it is lovely that the lawn care maintenance is kept up. It feels as though the history behind these abandoned houses are being protected and sustained.

One of the main well known, unoccupied buildings is called North Lawn Building. This building is almost sixty-five years old. A lot went on inside here! This impressive building is two stories and includes a raised basement, considering how old it is it looks very well preserved. Here about 230 patients were treated for Tuberculosis. North Lawn was specifically built because it was difficult to keep patients separated. I could only imagine how dedicated the nurses were during the times it was open. North Lawn was the only building I could get close enough to.

This is the most popular building at Riverview Hospital named West Lawn. It was high on a hill and the roads were pretty much blocked off because of the film’s 18 wheelers and vehicles. Although, this structure looks as if it is in good condition, it probably isn’t too safe. The West Lawn was built in 1913, so it is one of the first buildings used at the hospital. It mainly took care of about 1,800 male patients. This building was in the movie Supernatural, and Dead Pool 2. I did read that the employees that worked in that building did have paranormal experiences here. Sounds of footsteps, as patients slept, lights turning off and windy air inside were just some of the experiences I read about.

As we continued to drive throughout the area, the trees steal you away from the buildings. Wow! Every tree is unique in its own way. You can see clearly that it is highly designed landscape. I learned that the trees are valued at $50 million dollars and probably more today. The trees give a tranquil and peaceful feel of the 244 acres of land. I wish I could visit during the spring time.

We had to cut our visit short because we were spotted by security and decided to drive out before being questioned. I was very happy with our visit of course I would’ve loved to have driven to where the cemetery was and possibly taken pictures but it is what it is. Daniel did not want to breathe the air around me, once I told him that the building I stood in front of was where they kept patients with Tuberculosis, so he rolled the windows down and covered his nose. Diego was too frightened to come out of the van. All he did was hold on to his Lego set so he could feel safe. I knew I was in good hands because I wore my Rosary necklace for protection from any negative spirits that may have been stuck in and around the area. I had a great experience here at Riverview Hospital.

Location: Riverview Hospital

KOA Lynden/Billingham

After spending a few laid-back days in Canada it was time to head back to the states. Again, we had zero clue where we would end up which is part of the adventure when traveling on the road. Those of you who know, know what I mean. We said our goodbyes to Canada and said hello to a new friend, Washington. None of us had a true experience of the evergreen state before other than driving through to reach to Canada. Although, we were spoiled with the natural jaw dropping surroundings of Canada and Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds, we weren’t expecting too much from Lynden, Washington. First of all, it was the first time I had even heard the city’s name before. Like most people have heard of the city of Houston before even if you’ve never visited, you have at least heard of the city’s name. So I didn’t have too many expectations on our trip ahead. After exploring a bit and making a stop at REI, we ended up in Lynden, Washington. We decide to stay the night there. After a short google search we found we were near a KOA. We thought why not? It had decent reviews on google so we call to check for availability, which they did have and drive over there. Boy, oh boy were we impressed! The campgrounds were super nice, well maintained, with beautiful trees and a lake. The entrance alone had us very excited to stay here. We checked in and looked around in their store was stocked full of snacks and necessities.

KOA Lynden/ Bellingham was well thought of for families. It pretty much catered to keeping children busy and happy! Our spot was pretty much the best one there lol! We picked a campsite that was closest to the lake. We lucked out because no one was next to us. Not that it really matters, it just meant we had extra privacy.

We had a great view of the lake, and mini golf. Yes, this KOA included a mini golf with small structures too. I was tempted to try it out but all my son wanted to do was go fishing, oh well, it was nice to see other families enjoying it.

Outside, there were rod iron tables, chairs with open patio umbrellas over them to enjoy the outdoors. The front lake was not far from the mini-golf area, not many places also provide paddle boats to enjoy as well. It was cheap too, $5 per hour!

As I continued exploring, I noticed some doors. I walk in and OMGee, it was like a kids paradise lounge!! Talk about the mother of all recreational rooms. We’ve stayed at other places that had a rec room and none of them came close to how this was loaded out. It Included a place to borrow golf balls and clubs. Also on one side there was old school arcade type games and a pool table. I really like how they organized their board games on the wall. I have lots of them at home and would love to copy this idea for my own house.

This place was huge because on the other side of the recreational lounge there was an ice cream shop and their menu was written down on a chalkboard behind the counter. I didn’t taste ice cream, but Diego and Daniel did go later on that day. Diego enjoyed huge scoops of strawberry/ vanilla ice cream and Daniel picked out cookies and cream. These portions were Texas sized! Look! It’s as big as there face! Bahahaha!

We ended up staying two nights because I needed time to wash our laundry. Luckily, there was one of the nicest laundry rooms, I’ve ever used. It was nicely decorated and with cool AC. The restrooms were next to the laundry room which was very convenient for me and not far from our campsite.

I really loved our cookouts. I was craving sautéed mushrooms in butter and it was delicious. We also grilled Asparagus and lamb shish kebabs. We bought the meat and veggies at the Granville public market in Canada. Both nights that we stayed were perfect weather to be outdoors. Diego had the best time fishing and enjoying the all the amenities this KOA had to offer.

Meanwhile Diego enjoyed a lot of night fishing and we liked listening to the bull frogs croak. Diego remembered he had some sparklers left over from Fourth of July and we took those out and enjoyed them as well. We really enjoyed our stay at the KOA Lynden/ Bellingham in Washington. If you have young children, they too will definitely love this play as well.

Location: KOA Lynden/ Bellingham

Armando’s Quality Meats

Granville Public Market is a great location with an array of foods! This place will literally open up your tastebuds and cravings you didn’t even know you had! Here is where we discovered Armando’s Quality Meats. They had a lot to choose from. Who knew you could organize meats in such an appetizing way?!

Daniel went for the LandJager. It is a popular sausage for hiking and since we were planing on doing some hiking at our stay at Whistler RV and campgrounds we decided to pick some up. We didn’t get a whole lot just 3 pieces to share. The best part about this type of meat is that it doesn’t required refrigeration. It was very tasty, it had a hearty and pork fat taste to it.

The gentleman behind the counter was extremely helpful and gave us information about his favorites. I love that about Daniel, he is always good about asking people who work behind the counter what they have enjoyed. It’s what we do ALL the time because we’ve never been steered wrong. In this case, he recommended the rosemary garlic lamb sausage. We grilled it that very night, it was tender and delicious! I really love how rosemary spruces the flavor in sausages, meats and chicken. Thanks to Armando’s Quality Meats we had a rewarding cook out.

Location: Armando’s Quality Meats

Kaisereck Deli

Daniel found this place in Granville Public Market, the Kaisereck Deli. I’m not sure what appealed to him most about it, but after a look at the menu I can see why. Kaisereck Deli has an assortment of different deli specialities such as gourmet German Sausages, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches. Today we were in the mood for a hot breakfast sandwich. We agreed on sharing a Lox on a Bagel. It has their locally smoked sockeye salmon, cream cheese, capers and your choice of bagel.

I watched as the bagel maker made my breakfast. I was curious how was this going to taste because I hadn’t tried smoked salmon nor capers before so this was going to be interesting. The workers at Kaisereck Deli were so nice and attentive as to not add any onions to our meal.

Before handing us our breakfast, they asked if I wanted pickles! Sure, why not! Who doesn’t love pickles!! Wow! I am a huge fan! The best part of the breakfast bagel was that she didn’t hold back on the cream cheese!! That is what made the whole meal. The deli pickles were a nice added touch of flavor too. The capers gave it some salty zest, I will be ordering Lox on a bagel from now on. We shared this breakfast since it was just to get a taste. We had to come back the next day so that I could have one all to myself, LOL! Btw we did return an I had one just to myself.

Location: Kaisereck Deli

Lee’s Donuts

One of our days spent in Vancouver was at the popular Granville Public Market. We did some research on YouTube to learn what to expect when we got there. We knew for sure we were going to have great foodie fun there however it was more than great, it was a foodie paradise. We woke up and prepared ourselves to get there early in hopes of finding a parking spot big enough to fit our Sprinter van named Pablo. We didn’t know how crowded it would get so we just wanted to be ready. I was very impressed with how it looked as we drove around looking for a spot.

We pulled into this designated parking area and luckily for us since we arrived early there were plenty of spots. As we pulled in we noticed a glorious sign. There were spots just for oversized vehicles!!! Wow! I think this is a first. We had a sense of relief and comfort knowing that our van will be in a safe spot. We paid at the electronic ticket booth and eagerly made our way inside. We found the entrance into Granville and we couldn’t help but smell all the wonderful aromas coming from inside.

Before coming to Granville Public Market, we did watch a few youTube videos about it. One place that kept coming up over and over again was Lee’s Donuts. My son loves donuts! He will always eats one when there’s an opportunity to have one. I mean I guess who wouldn’t. I told him all about it and of course that was the first thing we had to go scout out and try before anything else. Before walking in, I saw their working station, and I was in awe of the assortments of donuts they had. It was very difficult to chose but we picked three donuts. We couldn’t go overboard because we had a whole day of eating ahead of us. We bought two donuts called Honey Dip and a sugar donut. After selecting our donuts we walked back outside to enjoy them.

Mmmm, mmm, mmm…what else can we say! The honey dip donut was clearly the winner. I probably could have eaten like five more easily. I’m proud that I didn’t because I knew there was more to enjoy inside. Diego loved every bite of his sugar donut. Lee’s Donuts reputation was spot on and no doubt a winner. I am so glad we found out about it before heading inside.

This was just one place we visited and tried inside the Granville Public Market. Granville is filled many many food shops, deli’s, bakeries, and specialty foods. There will be more articles to come.

Location: Lee’s Donuts

A La Mode

Pie anyone? Well by the looks of these pies you are not getting just some run of mill kind of pie, you could say these are more like the Marvel of all pies! A La Mode can be found in this bustling and busy, Granville Island Public Market. As crowded as it is some shops can be over looked because you’re just trying to maneuver between everyone, but this shop is a jaw dropper. There are numerous sweet and savory pies and quiche pies on display to select from. I thought I had enjoyed it all from my goodies from, Kaisereck Deli, Terra Breads, and Fraser Valley Juice & Salad. I did have to stop and admire all the pies. How do you choose? Daniel had to try out the savory Clam chowder pie. I mainly wanted to bite down on the crust part of the pie.

We waited patiently in the very long line for A La Mode’s, Daniel was ready to enjoy his hot pie. The pies were volcanic looking! The crust looked on them looked amazing. I decided if were going to have a seat I needed to look for a spot to eat. Every chair was filled, I’m glad for the long line because it gave me time to wait for some people to leave. As soon as three people got up, I grabbed their spots. I was regretting not getting a pie but I knew it would be a struggle to finish it. Next time, we come here I will definitely either try the wild blueberry or the peach crumble, don’t those sound amazing.

The moment of truth. Daniel came with his heaping pie of calm chowder. The crust was very flaky with a slight crunch. The soup consistency was thiner than most clam chowders however still delicious. I couldn’t help but hone in on just the crusty part of the pie. This was a good moment in the market, get you a bowl/pie of clam chowder.

Location: A La Mode

Fraser Valley Juice & Salad

There is a lot to see and eat at Granville Island Public Market, but what about to drink? Well if you are in the mood for a natural refreshment, Fraser Valley Juice and Salad has you covered. Here you have some options to choose from their colorful menu. They even give you the option of adding yogurt or chocolate syrup too. Mmmm…mmm!

I have a juicer at home and was craving for my dose of fresh juice. It has been a while since I’ve had one and after looking at their full display of fruit and vegetables, I knew I had to get one. You know you are getting quality when you see plenty of carrots and colorful fruit ready to go.

I decided to go with V3. This natural juice included kale, banana, apple juice, and lemon juice. I asked for no ginger because ginger has a strong kick to it. It’s not for me, plus Daniel is allergic to it so I just went without it. This tasted exactly how I make it home, it was a cup full of vitamins and minerals. I instantly felt healthy as I enjoyed it while walking around the market.

Location: Fraser Valley Juice & Salad

Terra Breads

One look at Terra Breads (inside of Granville Island Public Market) will stop you in your tracks. First of all, you know the breads are good when there is a long line. I had to keep letting people go ahead of me because I was trying to figure out what I was going to get. The variety of breads is overwhelming, it is THE carb loading spot. The first piece of bread that got my attention was the buttery croissant. Look at this amazing curvaceous glorious golden crust!!! Just look at it!! I mean have you seen a perfect crescent shaped bread like this before. These croissants were huge! These were freshly baked to perfection and rich in buttery flavor. I just loved how it was flaky, with a hint of crisp yet soft and squishy on the inside. So when I thought I tried the best of the best croissants I was wrong again! It was like I was in slow motion reading maple…walnut…double…baked…croissant! Wait, what?! This one is on another level of greatness! It is the same awesome croissant, but with flare! The maple walnut is like eating nutty candy. It had an extra crispiness to it since the croissant is double baked. The inside was still soft and savory. Ugh, I couldn’t get over the size of these croissants! Its like Terra Breads was made just for me, LOL! Lastly, my son found his gem, the ham and cheese croissant. I did try a bite of this one and it was pretty much amazing. The way they make the croissants is just to die for! If you are looking for well made, fine breads, this is your place!

“Mama, mama, can I have a cheese stick, please!!” I overheard what looked to be about four or five year old little boy say to his mother. I thought, hmmmm…must be good if this child is practically begging for it out of all the breads. I order one to share with my son as I continue to look and add to my order that I have started. We tried it and it was pretty damn good. The cheese stick was simple and salty with a cheese flavor. The texture was soft and the length of it was almost two hands long. I think these would be popular to pair with pasta or a spaghetti dinner.

I learned at Terra Breads that there is more than one way a focaccia is made. I have to admit, I only tried two out of the six focaccia’s Terra Breads have. I have so many regrets!! The two that we bought and tried were the cheese & herb and the roasted red pepper focaccia. We ate them at room temperature later on that day. It was very tasty and soft, imagine if it was warmed up? Wow! Looking back at my pictures I am regretting one…the salted caramel apple focaccia, sigh. An opportunity gone forever, I bet it was as amazing as the name it self!

My last pick of my trip to Terra Breads had to be a massive one. But how massive? It was a difficult decision between the blueberry bread vs. the grape bread. How did I make that decision, well it came with plenty of thought, I can tell you that much. I’d like to point out how I love how Terra Breads took the time to write a simple description of each of their baked goods. This is very helpful and probably less annoying having to answer the same questions over and over again. So with that being said, I ended up picking the blueberry bread. Within the description it reads, ‘local blueberries + white chocolate’ and in big read letters it reads, INDULGE. The white chocolate had me sold, so I indulged. As you can see our pile next to the cash register, we enjoyed all of the delicious specialty breads here at Terra Breads.

Location: Terra Breads

Muffin Granny

Let me start off with Muffin Granny inside of Granville Island Public Market did not disappoint! You literally can’t go wrong with their selection. Are you in the mood for a coffee or a beverage? How about a crêpe, muffin, cookie, or a scrumpet? Anything you choose from will be a delight! Today’s craving was something sweet, and a freshly made to order crêpe!

This young lady whipped out her crêpe skills front and center. We decided on the crêpe special of the day which was pears with brown sugar. The staff here were so friendly and smiling while they created this sweet treat.

Daniel likes to always try something of a different flavor. Today, he chose an apricot almond scrumpet. Again, this is something I have never had before. The Muffin Granny had me with that heaping pat of melting butter. Can you say yuuuuuuumy!! Wow! I really love the flavor the apricot gave to this biscuit. A scrumpet reminded me of the texture of a biscuit however sweeter than salty. The thickness of it gave me a craving for milk to drink it down with. There was fruit and almond with every bite! If I wasn’t so full from eating the lox bagel earlier from Kaisereck Deli I would’ve had more of the scrumpet.

The next item he chose was the crêpe special that had brown sugar and massive pieces of fresh pears. I expected it to be very sugary sweet when I tasted it, but no it surprisingly it was wasn’t. In fact it was gratifying with the juicy pears, you didn’t feel like you were eating a heavy desert. The crêpe was lean and not abundantly sweet, so the main flavor you tasted was the pears. I think pears don’t get enough credit and often get overlooked. In this case, it was a nice change than the traditional strawberries, and chocolate crêpes. If you’re wanting a subtle taste of sweet try out the brown sugar & pears crêpe, at The Muffin Granny, it will satisfy that craving.

Location: The Muffin Granny