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Fire Om Earth, Eureka Springs, AR

Among the tall trees and winding roads of the Ozark Mountains lies Eureka Springs, an artfully eclectic town full of vibrant niche shops and eccentrics. Just down the road from the downtown area, is a very special place where owners Craig (Fire) and Lorna (Earth) have devoted the past twenty years to developing a retreat center and botanical sanctuary. The experience here is like none other. Their property offers a level parking spot next to a flowing creek and natural spring for overnight stays.  

The classes they offer are phenomenal and extremely educational. I had the opportunity to go on a plant identification walk with Lorna and she taught me that there is no such thing as a weed. Every plant serves a medicinal purpose and showed me the ones that address my personal concerns and how to use them. My son who is homeschooled also spent the day in her art studio learning how to make clay pottery and sculptures. She also teaches classes on custom made shoes and her husband Craig makes handmade ocarinas & whistle flutes.

Aside from all the skills you can gain from them, they have transformed their property into unique trail system with many things to see along the way. I recommend booking your classes and stay for more than one night to ensure you have adequate time to explore the town of Eureka Springs as well.  

Location: Fire OM Earth

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