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Crater of Diamonds State Park, Murfreesboro, AR

Where else in the world can you mine for diamonds and precious gems and keep everything you find? This is one of the most unique places that our family has had the opportunity to visit. Crater of Diamonds State Park is also a campground offering full hookups, clean and updated facilities. The best part, you do not have to know what you are doing or have any equipment. The Park Rangers put on classes for how to mine and what the gems and diamonds look like in their natural state. You can rent all the necessary equipment for prospecting and entrance to the park is only ten dollars per adult and six dollars per child.

After you have spent all day in the field, hopefully striking it rich you can bring your finds to the Rangers who will identify everything for you. Be sure to check out the museum on the parks history, stories of others who have found notable diamonds and the largest diamond ever found by a guest which is on display. A great pro tip is timing your trip after a storm. This allows you to simply walk the field and scan for diamonds without any equipment. In fact, most diamonds are found using this method. Second, gather material from the lowest areas. Also, use the flowing water in the park to your advantage. Damn up the water that flows through the site so enough is collected to clean your soil with the classifying screens without having to walk to the wash stations. 

During our diamond prospecting adventure, we found a large, very clear quartz crystal.  You can imagine how excited we were when we pulled this out of our classifier screens thinking it was a giant diamond!  Our family had a lot of fun and was tired after a day of digging in the mud and we think you will too.  Good luck, we hope you hit the jackpot!  

Location: Crater of Diamonds State Park

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