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Titan Ranch in Vilonia, AR

While traveling through North Central Arkansas, we came across the Titan Ranch listing on Harvest Host. We were extremely excited to tour the one-of-a-kind facility and hear the site’s history. Aside from one other Titan II Missile Facility located in Arizona that is a museum, this is the only other facility that has been unearthed. Located north of Little Rock, Arkansas the site lives up to expectations and has a terrific YouTube channel that covers the entire excavation and rebuild of the facility

We pulled into Titan ranch just before sundown and were personally greeted by Air Force veteran and owner, GT Hill. Our tour guide took us through the facility and was very educated on the history. When the site was decommissioned by the United States Air Force in the latter half of the 1980s, the government used explosives and concrete to seal the entrance portals. Then, in 2010, the owner purchased the site from a local farmer and painstakingly researched, evaluated where the entrance should be and excavated out decades of soil and rubble.

The result, one amazing Airbnb and conference center where you can embed yourself into history.

Be sure to pick up one of the many items from the gift shop and help support the next phase of the project; to open the 140-foot silo that once stored the warhead with a nine-megaton yield from 1962-1986. It was an honor to view this historical project; do not pass by this location without an overnight stop. 

Location: Titan Ranch

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