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Bolivar Peninsula, TX

Bolivar peninsula is an area just outside of Houston that is not to be missed. Catch a short, complimentary ferry ride out of Galveston where you are sure to spot dolphins on your way over. Check out the ferry wait times and additional information by going to Ferry Schedule. Once you arrive on the peninsula, you will be greeted by the many side roads that fade to sand and become a scenic ocean drive to the melody of crashing waves.

Permits are required in certain areas for a nominal fee of five to ten dollars depending on the season and can be purchased online or at many of the local shops and stores. If you want to avoid getting a beach permit, take a right hand turn down Rettilon Road after exiting the ferry and you will find a permit free area where you can wake up every morning to a million-dollar view.

Aside from beach combing, fishing and simply enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature, be sure to check out Fort Travis which is filled with history dating back to the nineteenth century.

There are a few local restaurants and bars on the peninsula and The Big Store if you need to go grocery shopping. While there is no shortage of port-o-potties along the road and many beach areas, there are no traditional restrooms and shower stations unless you stay at an RV park. However, this is what adds to the beauty of this place; untapped nature waiting to be explored. 

Location: Bolivar Peninsula Tourism

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