Arizona ROAM72 – April 25, 2019

As we boarded our plane from Houston headed to Arizona for the weekend we knew a fun filled time was ahead of us. The routine of leaving work on time and with enough time to get to our flight was becoming easy now.

We would end up sleeping at a Walmart parking lot for the night once in Phoenix, Arizona. Walmarts for the most part are an easy choice for overnight camping in the city. They serve as a great spot to fill up on everything you need such as groceries and camping supplies for our weekend trips.

After backing into our spots for the night we were able to get plenty of rest before our journey to Horseshoe Bend. On our way we stopped for some scenic views as well as opportunities to take breaks in the 273 mile drive north.

As we were arriving at Horseshoe Bend two ladies came up to Abel to ask if they could take a picture with Abel’s “FRECNDY” licensed plate vanagon named Libby. The said they had been following on the road for a bit and just had to get a picture lol.

There is a bit of a hike down to the actual Horseshoe Bend viewing area so we made or way down. This was probably one of my favorite views on our trips to date. Such a pretty view, it did amaze me at how people would get to the very edge of the rocks even when the signs warm people to stay behind at a safe distance. Anything for the best selfie possible I guess lol!

We left Horseshoe Bend and made a run to the Utah border for some quick photos.

Abel found us a great spot to camp for the night at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Since we arrived a bit late we ended up not finding a spot near the water so we camped in more of a dune area.

The next morning everyone was up early as I was going to do some kayaking for the first time. Abel and Eduardo had booked an offroad UTV tour so we all headed out for our adventures.

Kayaking on Lake Powell was beautiful but one thing I did not expect was that the guide would pretty much just take off and never look back. Never having kayaked before it was pretty rough to deal with in the Lake Powell channel. Very sketchy for me.

Abel and Eduardo went on an off road UTV and as the name of the company says, they said it was EPIC.

After the kayak and UTV tours the guys headed to look for camp, but since we were only 50 miles from the Grand Canyon south rim I really wanted to go see the Grand Canyon. I made my way to the park and have to say I was happy I had the chance to see it.

It was a bit crowded but as time went on I made my way into the tower for a photo or two.

As I left the park I received a google pin showing where Abel and Eduardo had decided to camp. I met up with them and we got the fire going.

The next day we planned to meet up early in the day to camp with some of Abel’s friends but Eduardo’s water pump started failing and we ended up spending a good amount of the day fixing it in the parking lot of an auto parts store lol. Crazy.

Better late than never the guys fixed the water pump and we headed to camp. At camp we had the change to check out some really cool rigs. We ended the night with steaks and beverages, what a fun time.

Had a great time and can’t wait for the next time.

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