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Zell’s Cafe

I am always on the prowl looking for the next wow spot. Thank goodness I have the best wife who appreciates my love for travel and food as she always puts in time ahead of my trips to read reviews. Zell’s was one place that was highly praised so I made my way there on a recent visit to Portland, Oregon. Luckily for me it was only a 8 minute drive from LaBrewatory, so I was becoming more and more familiar with this side of the Portland area. I felt as this area was a pretty safe environment, with the sidewalk chalk art work out in front. Before entering inside I found the menu conveniently outside of this breakfast/lunch establishment.

The November weather was just perfect and the colors of the leaves on the trees created more charm for Zell’s Cafe. Born and raised in Houston, TX this season full of color changes was a rare sight. I’ve seen these colors only in pictures and to see it in real life made me appreciate fall and Portland even more.

If I wasn’t already impressed with the look and feel of Zell’s Cafe, they had me with their homemade scones and grape jam. To top all off Zell’s scones were complementary!! In Houston, it would’ve cost extra aside from the price of the meal so this left a great taste in my mouth. The handmade scones had a light and crispy touch with a nice and buttery taste. I paired my scones and grape jam with coffee, this could’ve been a light meal in itself.

Corned beef hash is typically not on a lot of menus in Houston, so when I saw it on the menu I knew I had to have it. I ordered the corned beef hash with wheat toast. This hash literally must have been served a split second after it left the grill. I really love food when it is served piping hot. The hash is filled with meaty corned beef and of course it was damn good. I loved how it was just the right amount of onions and potatoes, the perfect ratio. The corned beef at Zell’s Cafe was in its own category as it was substantial and not overloaded with salt. This was the perfect meal for this crisp, cold, morning and I would highly recommend Zell’s Cafe as part of your must go to’s in Portland.

Location: Zell’s Cafe

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