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Pine State Biscuits

There are two things I love…a great story and a tasty biscuit! I found both at Pine State Biscuits in Portland, Oregon. If you haven’t figured me out by now I love breakfast! So you have to understand how genuinely happy I was when my wife found Pine State Biscuits for me! She told me, “I am pretty sure you will love this place, I found for you. So make an effort to go.” She really didn’t have to twist my arm since she loves breakfast as much as do, I trust her in the foodie department. I drove up and automatically loved the look from the outside. The weather was great, the sun was out and I was on my way to having a great biscuit delight!

So before I came here I looked it up and found out some background information about the story behind Pine State Biscuits. I learned that the guys behind Pine State are from North Carolina. Walt Alexander, Kevin Atchley, and Brian Snyder were missing their home-style cooking from the Southeast so they decided to bring their style of biscuit to Portland. After a few test trials, they began selling at Portland’s Farmers Market. People fell in love with it and the lines were the proof! After having one myself I can see why, it is phenomenal!

I ordered the Reggie Deluxe, boy oh boy! It is a monster breakfast sandwich far from your mom’s kitchen! The Reggie Deluxe is similar to The Reggie except the extra egg is the deluxe. If you are debating which one just go big and get the deluxe totally worth it! The biscuit is picture perfect as well as the taste. I love how it has a full on butter taste to it, they go all the way with their ingredients. The quality was outstanding and makes all other biscuits I’ve had in my life mediocre. The Reggie Deluxe was super filling and beyond good. I did read a few people complaining about the price. In my opinion, you get what you pay for and in this case if you want quality, fulfilling, and delicious breakfast then you’re gonna have to pay for it, if not then find a fast food joint and pay the cheaper price.

You would’ve thought this was a foodie photoshoot, lol. I had to get pictures from all angles of this outrageously over-sized biscuit! I gotta say I knew it was the best after the first bite. You bite down into a warm, soft, buttery biscuit, along with the tender egg, then you get hit with the juiciness of the fried chicken, and the savory sausage gravy. As you begin to chew, you get hit with the crunchiness of the fried chicken. MAN! These guys have the combination down to a T! The gravy makes it all come together. I really enjoyed my biscuit and I didn’t mind paying for this delightful creation. The Brownie Caramel Cream Root Beer was like the liquid desert after my meal. It totally hit the spot just right! This is a must go to place while in Portland!

Location: Pine State Biscuits

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