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McKay Cottage Restaurant

My stay in Bend, Oregon has been nothing but perfect especially when it comes to the meals. By now I am looking forward to breakfast, and couldn’t wait to try out McKay Cottage Restaurant. The line for breakfast gave it away that this place is most likely amazing. It was pretty chilly this morning and of course no one was sitting outdoors on the patio. I walked inside and the bakery smells hit me in the face as soon as I opened the door. It was tempting to grab a sticky bun but I really wanted something hearty.

The waitress was quick to take my order. They made it easy with their Special of the day Gourmet Denver Hash for $14.95. This breakfast made my mouth water with just the name. As you can see there were lots of potatoes and homemade ketchup. On the the hash it had Fontanne cheese, caramelized onions, roasted bell peppers, two poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. My favorite part was the hollandaise sauce on the potatoes. It was super creamy and very light sauce. The homemade ketchup is beyond sweet with nutmeg and cinnamon. Now, don’t get me wrong the portion was plentiful however it could’ve used some more meat and less potatoes. It probably does come that way and I just got more of the potatoes that day. Either way, I cleaned that plate!

I enjoyed my meal with a large glass of orange juice, it was fresh and gave me the vitamin C I needed to conquer my day. The bread was homemade and soft, pretty perfect without anything on it but if you spread their homemade marionberry jam on it makes it into a dessert. Another perfect meal in a badass town called Bend, Oregon.

Location: McKay Cottage Restaurant

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