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Helser’s on Alberta

If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area and looking for a brunch destination, Helser’s on Alberta is a place to try out. This is precisely what I was in the mood for during my foodie weekend. My wife did some research and found this cozy breakfast restaurant for me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to find parking near by. As my luck would have it I was able to park Pablo “my sprinter van” right across the street. I expected it to be overcrowded and to my surprise it wasn’t. I seated myself and looked over the menu.

As I looked over the menu under the sweet stuff section, the Challah French Toast grabbed my attention. The waitress took my order and I drank my coffee as I waited.

Wow, talk about a huge portion! I was not expecting the thick bread to be so moist. I was surprised it wasn’t too sweet with the powdered sugar and it didn’t overpower the quality of the challah bread. The bread was super thick but still light enough to be a total joy to eat. The outside of the french toast it was perfectly cooked with a light crust on the the outside but enough to cool the inside of the toast correctly.

As I sat and enjoyed my meal, the patrons seem to be locals as the waitress called them by name as they walked through the door. I plan on returning and trying out the Pear and Havarti Pie.

Location: Helser’s On Alberta

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