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Wowwwwww! Wowwwww! For starters, I normally don’t like to wait in line for breakfast, because most times at restaurants it’s just average breakfast. However, when you see an unusual long line especially for breakfast, it makes you wonder just how good is it? I don’t like to miss opportunities especially when it comes to food. So when I saw the line to wait for what was inside Gravy I was like wowwwww, really just for breakfast? I usually like to start my day with a hearty meal, which is exactly what I got from Gravy! That’s what the second wowwwww is for as in, wowwwwww that’s ALOT of food!! So whatever day you are planning on eating at Gravy expect to wait, and YES it is so worth it.

Looking at the menu you think, okay what’s so special about it? It has the same breakfast items like any other place you’ve been to. Like all breakfast places you have your typical American breakfast items. At Gravy the food really stands out in comparison to all the rest. After looking at the choices I ordered The Dalise. The platter of awesomeness had scrambled eggs which included bacon, sausage, ham, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onion and cheddar cheese covered with sausage gravy!!! Ahhhh, if only I could relive this moment all over again!!

After I placed my order, I looked around and this place was packed!! It made me even more excited for my breakfast. The smells in the air made me more hungry and I thought to myself, “I hope I don’t get disappointed!” But there’s no way I could be? I mean look at all the people in here eating! So it has to be amazing!

It is well worth the wait… trust me it is beyond delicious. Of course, what can I say I love gravy on biscuits! This place takes it to the next level since it has soooo much flavor!! It was just glorious to look at! The portions are what I’m use to in Texas, big!! It was bigger than my hand. I was so hungry I couldn’t wait to enjoy my breakfast.

At Gravy, they didn’t skimp on the toppings! I had plenty of veggies and meat through out my scramble. I had to zoom in with my camera ,so you can see all the goodies within. You have to experience it yourself. To me it was worth the wait because you get plenty in quantity and in flavor!

My main regret was not finishing it, ugh! I failed as a foodie on this trip at Gravy. I normally like to take leftovers to have between lunch and dinner. Leftovers to me are like a mini snack, but sadly not today. It was more than I could eat. I felt bad leaving the leftovers, but I had a flight to catch and was on the way to the airport. Next time Gravy, next time!

Location: Gravy

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