Sprinter Two Person Bench Seat

Recently in my van build I decided that having a place for my workstation would require some sort of seating option. My first thought was that I would build a small bench to sit at and maybe create some storage under it. As in most of my time lately I have been browsing the internet and facebook marketplace and searching for anything Sprinter such as factory headliner, swivel seat pedestals, and even wheels for my build. I came across an ad on Craigslist for a two person bench seat for a 2017 Sprinter van. The seller listed that the seat actually folded up and had storage under it. I browse the internet to find out more about it but did not find much detail.

Original Craigslist image.

After zero negotiation due to the price of a low $150 I was off to make the two hour drive to pick it up. With a ratchet strap and high hopes I picked up the seat and drove it home.

As the proud new owner of the seat I moved it around the van to see the best position. The seat is an option on Sprinter vans as a front passenger bench seat. From the factory it comes with two seat belts. I had no intention of using this seat for passengers but I decided I would leave one of the seat belt harnesses on anyway.

I purchased some 7/16″ Grade 8 flanged bolts and flanged nuts along with some large washers. I then inspected the floor from under the van and carefully decided where I should drill and bolt the seat.

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