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Peninsula Rose Garden Fountain

I visited Portland, Oregon in November of 2019 and I was super exciting to get my exploring going. I was so excited that I could not focus on what to do first?? Should I just drive around and stop whenever I see something cool? Do I eat first? I go and decide to first text my wife that I made it. Well, she had already texted me a list of things she thought were photo worthy. I open up the list and the Peninsula Rose Garden Fountain was top of the list. My first thought was really? A rose garden? Why would I want to do that? LOL, I read her notes and looked on google maps to see where it was and it just so happened to super close by. I thought why not, I’ll just follow the notes and not waste time on my little get away. I drove over and hoped that I would find some roses. I wasn’t sure how many roses I would find since its November. I parked our Sprinter van “Pablo” along the street and walked over into the old park.

I was a little disappointed when I read the sign on when the fountains are on. It opens the first week of March and closed the last week in October. Oh well, I’m here now so may as well take a look and enjoy this park.

I grew up in Houston, Texas and the seasons do change, but I’ve never seen the likes of real fall colors other than on pictures and calendars. I was blown away of how brightly colored the leaves were. Looking at the pictures doesn’t give it to justice. The colors are just stunning!

I was taken a back of how well kept the Peninsula Rose Garden Fountain was. This park has been around since the 1900’s. I read online that what you see around the park is actually original such as the extensive brickwork, lantern-style streetlights, the over 100-year-old fountain in the center of the rose garden and the stone pillars. That was pretty awesome that the city and the people in and around the neighborhood have taken great care the park.

I did get a glimpse of the roses that were still trying to hang on. The roses were vibrant in color and large. The shrubs were neatly groomed and edged.

My favorite part of the park were the trees. The trees were tall and proud. It decorated the park nicely and spaced out enough to not block the sun out too much. The great thing about getting to come to Peninsula Rose Garden and Fountain was there were hardly any people there. I had the park pretty much to myself which I am sure is not the case in early spring.

Location: Peninsula Rose Garden Fountain

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  1. Photos and the article itself are just wonderful! My family was fully vaccinated, and we are looking for our first place to go when this whole pandemic would be over. We are just looking forward for it to happen.Thank you for an inspiration!


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