Sprinter Van Bed Platform Build

Just like everyone else building out a van we want to always make sure we build what works for us. This being my third Sprinter I have figured out the bed situation. This same setup has worked great for us in our other Sprinter build so we will do it again. It is a bit overkill but I am a big guy and like to know it is all strong enough for my weight.

Supplies that I used:

On a cool Texas morning I started building out the bed platform. I will use the 71″ long rails I purchased from Overland Sprinters. I set the rails at 30″ high and used some of the factory holes in the same location as a guide. This helps give a level set of holes to work from.

I purchased some 11 gauge 1” steel square tubing from a steel yard and had them cut it to 69 1/4” for the cross members. I did some test fitting and then I will paint it all black.

Painted the bed rails black using a textured black paint.

Cleaned the 1″ square steel tubing cross members with lacquer thinner and then painted those as well.

Spaced the first 6 cross members evenly across 48″ so that I can lay my full Birch plywood up to that point. I will have a smaller plywood board for the remaining of the 76″ length.

In order to bolt the cross members I drilled the holes in the marked spots I measured and then added rivnuts to secure them to the bed rails.

I have learned that adding a bit of blue loctite really helps keep things from shaking loose.

Next I added the 3/4″ birch plywood cut to dimensions 48″ x 69 1/2″ to the top of the cross members. I then drilled holes to get through the wood and into the metal crossbars before finally securing it with screws.

Next I used a piece of insulation board from a previous project to figure out the area I needed to cut from the final piece of plywood. I wanted the plywood to be as close as possible to the doors when shut.

Once I cut the first side out I used the drop from the cut as the template for the opposite side.

After a bit of sanding to clean it up we tested it with an air mattress. For now I will use two twin size mattresses and lay them crossways.

Next I purchased some black speaker box carpet and covered it. I used 3M 90 adhesive spray lightly and it worked well.

Overall this is a very simple bed platform build, take your time and have fun on your build.

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