LED Eyeball light Install – Map light, Reading light or keep the kids entertained while traveling at night!

I decided in install an adjustable LED eyeball light over my son’s seating position so he can have light at night without disturbing us up front. Often when traveling at night he wants a light so he can play with his toys etc. These lights would also be great above the bed for reading, above the passenger seat etc.

Supplies Required:

Overhead dome light eyeball LED: Available on Amazon

I chose this light as I liked the built in switch assembly and the aesthetics of the unit. There are other units available as well and at more reasonable prices, just Google “12v Eyeball Light”.

Here’s a pic of the light. It has it’s own on/off switch and you can point the light wherever it’s needed.

Now where to mount it……Let’s see….yep I think right about here will do!

With the location marked on the panel it’s time to pull the panel down and cut the hole for the light.

First up I used some calipers to figure out the size of hole needed for the round portion of the light.

Then I used the calipers to find something around the shop that’s the same size that could be used as a pattern…..hmmm, a set of seal drivers should do nicely 

Hole location market out.

Next back to the calipers to measure overall length needed and mark the cutout location for the switch.

Now a razor blade is used to carefully cut the fabric and foam backing.

I used a solder gun to burn the edges along the cut. The fabric I’m using is automotive tweed and will fray over time without burning the edges.

And a jig saw to cut out the wood area.

And installed. Now just wire the light to 12v power and your done.

This should work great for the kiddo 

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