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Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Since I’ve been to a couple of hard cider places recently, I feel like I am slowly becoming a hard cider fan. I enjoyed the places I went to in Bend, Oregon so I was looking forward to what Portland had to offer. I checked out Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider online and learned a lot from the videos on their website. I was pretty impressed at how involved Reverend Nat was. I knew I was going to enjoy my visit there because the owner really has a ton of passion behind his brand. I arrived at Reverend Nat’s Cidery and Taproom, the warehouse was cool and as I looked around the place I really appreciated all of the hard work that went into it and the charm.

Ordering was much easier this time since I have a bit more idea of what I may like, so I knew what to do and what to expect. I didn’t have to pester anyone with a million newbie questions like previously. Lol! I walked over to the bar and the bartender was super nice and took my order.

I ordered a flight of course! I just really like tasting a few of the ciders at one time, remember I’m not from around here so I really gotta take advantage of the time I have at Reverend Nat’s.

I went with the flight of six, so I get six five ounce glasses of cider from their tap for $16. I chose from their draft cider menu list.

#1-Reverend Nat’s revival hard apple. This one had a clean refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness.

#2 was called Reverend Nat’s Sidra Bravo. Whoa! This was a hell of a complex cider. I think this would be perfectly paired up with a slice of pizza.

#3 is called Reverend Nat’s Viva La Pineapple. This was a badass drink. I will take a gallon of this pineapple blast. It was so sweet and delicious.

#4 was the Reverend Nat’s Ginger Tonic. After my first sip it was reminiscent of Asian food. It had a nice after taste as well.

#5 was Reverend Nat’s Hildegard of Bingen. This had a bold taste of dessert apples, and it tasted as if it had a ton of peaches in it too, I loved it!

#6, If I was Shrek the Orge I would drink this one daily if I could. This one was more or less what I expected a cider to taste like, you know very strong. I really did love the strong aftertaste. It had such a bite to it, it makes you close one eye from its tartness, but in a good way.

I think I did a great job finishing my flight of hard ciders. I do have to say Reverend Nat knows his hard cider. There was not one I couldn’t finish, I really enjoyed each one of them.

The bartender was very cool and even nice enough to pose for a picture in front of the containers of the hard cider. The next time I come back I will try to order from one of the restaurants that are on the same block called, Sizzle Pie. I had already tried the offerings from Pine State Biscuits also on the same block and it was fantastic.

Location: Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

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