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Well I made it in time to return my movie, I’m really late but I made it! LOL! Those were just a few comments that mentioned on my FaceBook post. Out of all my posts or stories that I have posted my trip to Blockbuster was the most LIKED. It’s funny how many recall going there on a Friday or Saturday night to rent the latest movies for the weekend. It was the thing to do and you’d to try to watch it all before the dreaded due date. Let’s not forget, “Be kind and rewind.”

I woke up really early to start my day and should’ve looked at what time they open. The last Blockbuster on the Planet didn’t open until 10:30am. Yes folks, you heard right the Blockbuster in Bend, Oregon is the last on the planet. I read that the one in Australia closed at the end of March in 2019 making the this location the last of its kind. How do they stay open? Well it helps that it is in a small town and the locals still use it. It helps that the general manager, Sandi Harding, “Didn’t want to give in.” Sandi Harding has worked there for 15 years, and she is given the credit of keeping the costs low and for keeping it alive. She even hand knits yellow and blue beanies and sells them for $15 at the store. The locals and tourists flock to the store for nostalgia reasons and walk away with selfies and a t-shirt as a souvenir. I wish I was able to go in, but it was still cool to see it in person. If you’re visiting Bend, check out Blockbuster for old times sakes and show it some love.

Location: Blockbuster

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