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Bangers and Brews

Anytime I am looking for the next great meal I always try to look for something different. What is it about a place that will make it memorable when I think back to my travels in Bend, Oregon? Bangers and Brews made that quite easy for me, I can close my eyes and instantly go back to my foodie experience there. The name of the place doesn’t give away what they serve so I walked in blind not knowing what is served here, all I knew was my wife out it on my list of places to try while visiting. I was craving root beer, most places don’t have it and this place did so I ordered one and it hit the spot. I enjoyed a starter Big Ed’s baguette bread with chimichurri.

As I enjoyed my root beer and starter, I continued to look at the menu. I saw the chili cheese bowl and added that to my tab. The chili cheese bowl was a meal in itself and boy did it hit the spot!! Next I needed to figure out which sausage I wanted to order. There were a few to choose from such as traditional, poultry, veggie, specialty, exotic, and wild game sausages.

On their menu, Bangers and Brews helps you out by giving you the steps on how to order your sausage. First you pick your type of sausage, I went with the wild boar with garlic sausage. Next you pick two toppings so I selected sauerkraut and grilled onions. Last you select a sauce, I picked the chimichurri sauce on top. This combination reminded me of my trip to Argentina and this place nailed it. The wild boar had an enormous amount of flavor, it actually had a very sweet taste to the meat. The sauerkraut and grilled onions are even sweeter than I expected, it was win on all levels.

As I sat and enjoyed my meal I was greeted by one of the owners and he made an effort to visit each person there to make sure they were satisfied with their meals. He was all smiles as you could tell he loved talking to people and watching them enjoy his food. I will tell you it was so good that I returned the next day and had it again, I could not see myself not going back at least once before I flew back home.

Location: Bangers and Brews

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