Columbia River RV Park

I am always fortunate that I have the luck to find overnight parking availability on a day that I did not pre-book a stay. Columbia River RV Park came through and had a perfect site for our Sprinter van “Pablo”. As you can see the space was more than enough for my needs. The lawn maintenance was well kept and clean grounds all around.

The roads were paved nicely and spacious enough for much bigger rigs. The park also had mini trees in between the spots that helped with some privacy.

For those of you who know that when you’re on the road, by the time you pull in you’re just really tired and happy to rest and grab a shower. Sometimes you even forget about anyone around you anyways. Speaking of showers… The showers and restrooms were very clean and even heated. What more could you ask for.

I had a simple and restful stay at Columbia River RV Park. The best part is that Columbia River RV Park is only about 15 minutes north from downtown Portland, Oregon. So if you’re looking for a simple place to rest and stay but be close to Portland this could be what you’re looking for.

Location: Columbia River RV Park

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