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As I was having a very fulfilling meal from Tamale Boy Russell, I visited a very cool brewery that shares the same building. Don’t get me wrong I was already full, but I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like inside and how their beers on tap tasted like. This curiosity is new to me because I rarely drink beer. To be honest, drinking alcohol is not something I crave or need, so when this rare craving comes around, I do drink just for the taste of it. Besides when in Rome do what the locals do, right? So I literally walk into the room next door.

As I walked in I was taken back. The inside of LaBrewatory was quite large, from the outside, it didn’t look very big. Also, it had a cool industrial look and feel. The whole crowd was upbeat, the atmosphere was super friendly with great music. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it was pretty awesome.

I sat down and checked out the beers on tap. Not being a regular drinker, this was new territory for me, so I asked for some help. The waitress that attended to me explained the IPA favorites, IPA stands for India Pale Ale. She brought me a Coffee Blonde, it had an alcohol by volume of 6.8, with an IBU of 12. I learned that IBU stands for International Bitterness Units. So the higher the IBU the more bitter the beer is. This batch was number 33, according to their website, at LaBrewatory they “never brew the same beer twice”. The Coffee Blonde had such a crisp refreshing beer with a fruity taste. I was surprised that I didn’t taste the coffee, since its in the name.

I had to take a glimpse of the stainless steel tanks that the beers were brewed in. It was very impressive to actually see the beer equipment inside. It looked like alot of precision and science goes into making it. At LaBrewatory, they had an impressive system which follows along with just how cool the whole place is. Be sure to stop in and have a drink if you have some time.

Location: LaBrewatory

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