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Avid Cider Co.

Passing through Bend, I spotted this place as I drove to take in the sights of Bend, Oregon. The open garage called me in and I had to stop to see what it was all about. The outdoor patio was inviting and when I read this place sold Cider, I was intrigued.

I picked up a menu and all the ciders sounded tasty, so I decided to go with the Taster Tray, which included six, 4 oz. tasters for $12 which sounded like a great deal to me. As I continued to look over the menu I was surprised that donuts were on the menu. According to their menu, they have the very 1st cider donut. They partnered up with Sweetheart donuts to make the one of kind creation. I had to order them just so if it ever comes up in a conversation, at least I can say, I’ve had a cider donut. I couldn’t pass up the price either, I received it for free because that days shipment had not arrived. The donuts they had were from the previous day so the waitress, didn’t charge me. I thought that was pretty cool, besides it could’ve been that bad.

As I waited for my flight of cider I looked around. The large garage door was a cool feature and it brought in fresh air and sunshine. There was an area for lounging about with friends with plush sofa chairs. The bar had headstone decor that gave the place an edgy look. There was a huge refrigerator with more Avid Cider products. Locals stop in and can purchase cider by the case as if it was a convenient store. I really liked that this place was family/dog friendly as well. There was an area that had arcade games, a pool table and free popcorn, for sure my son would’ve loved this place. Dogs are allowed by the outside patio area as well.

My flight arrived and didn’t disappoint. I will describe from left to right of ciders. Cider #1 was called Dry Organic Apple Cider, this had a crisp and clean apple taste with a tart finish. Hits you under the tongue, and I thought it was totally bad ass! I loved it. Cider #2 was called Dragonfruit, this is the ultimate creative cider, the blend of the dragonfruit somehow does not over power the apple taste. Amazing!! I would’ve love to get a case back to Texas somehow. Cider #3 was the hard apricot cider, this was like giving you goosebumps in a glass. The tart hits you so hard that you get a goosebump rush. Cider #4 was the hard blackberry cider, the blackberry is refreshing with the apples hitting your upper lip after the initial taste. Cider #5 is a seasonal cider called watermelon rhubarb, it was very light and dry with that watermelon heavy taste on the end of the tongue. Last, but not least cider #6 was called the hopped raspberry rose. This was a sweet raspberry start and finish. It was easy on the pallet with a fresh clean raspberry hardiness. It hits you in the back of the neck, it was fantastic on all levels. Out of all six drinks, my favorite was the Dragonfruit, however you couldn’t go wrong with any of the ciders.

Avid cider donuts did not disappoint despite the fact that they weren’t fresh from that day. However on the upside, it was free! The donuts were crunchy on the outside with a sugary coating. They made for a great pairing with the ciders. Who knew ciders and donuts would be a great combo? If you’re in the area, I highly recommend you stop by and check this place out.

Location: Avid Cider Co.

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