Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug

The Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug is by far one of the most used items I have with me daily. I first started looking at the one gallon version after my experience with the half gallon RTIC jug. I really like ice cold water and liked the size of the half gallon, but by the time I filled it half way with ice it was not leaving me enough water to drink. I needed something bigger so when I saw the one gallon yeti I WANTED it. Want vs Need is something I have struggled with all of my life and as I have aged I find it harder to make quick purchases. The Yeti One Gallon was priced at $129 and the jug mount would be another $39 if I wanted to have a way to transport this behemoth easily in my vehicle.

After three visits to my local REI without purchasing it I was still stuck on how to justify over $180 with tax. I got back to my Sprinter and sat in the parking lot when I finally had the “Ah Ha!” moment. Currently I was buying 1 gallon of water at least three times a week on my way to the gym. If I bought the Yeti and used it for 180 gym days it would pay for itself and help the environment. A quick walk back inside REI and I was the owner of a Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug.

REI Parking lot – Day 1 of 180

When filled with ice and water this jug is massive. Taking it to my daily job almost looked comical, but I was determined to get my 180 days in to justify it. Soon after having it I started to find that it fit me more than I thought and to this day I am never short on ice cold water. The jug top has a magnetic cap that makes for easy removal and a place to store it instantly on the top of the jug.

The Install

One Saturday afternoon my son and I searched our 2019 Sprinter for spots we could mount the Yeti Jug Mount. After a bit of testing we settled on the side of the passenger seat mounting area. We found that if we placed it carefully in the right spot we could still move the seat back and forth with the advantage of being able to remove the jug in and out with minimal effort.

We started by drilling two small holes in the seat bottom at a slight angle.

Next we pushed the Yeti jug mount right up against the metal and added the bolts, washers and nuts.

Finally we moved the passenger seat forward and backward and tried pulling the jug out in various positions. It is a very tight fit and pulling the yeti out has to be done with it at a slight angle but it works great for us.

We have had the Yeti Rambler One Gallon Jug for about a year now and it is totally worth the money spent. I have made a habit of filling it up daily and trying to drink the full gallon each day. I always know I have ice cold water to drink as it keeps the ice multiple days when we are on the road. One thing we do find is that when on the road we keep a smaller Yeti Rambler 26 oz bottle in our door pocket and drink from it and use the one gallon to refill it.

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