Truck Stop

Love’s Truck Stop

Not every truck stop is the same, but what I like about Love’s is their showers. I already have a shower in my Sprinter van “Pablo”, but it’s always nice to grab an unlimited water hot shower when you feel like it. I use my van shower when I’m literally in the middle of no where or on BLM land. So when I want to splurge and in really need of a hot shower, Love’s never lets me down. On a recent trip I stopped off at the Love’s Truck Stop in Troutdale, Oregon.

The first thing I noticed was the cleanliness of the bathroom and shower. The restroom is all to yourself, it’s not like a gym with open area of showers and bathrooms. You go in pay $11 or $12 dollars and you get to have a nice clean shower with a towel included.

Not bad, right? $11-$12 may seem like a lot but when you a know a shower would help you sleep better why not! So next time you see the Love’s logo just think, wouldn’t you LOVE to take a shower?

Location: Love’s Truck Stop

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