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The Green Light Cafe

After a quick stay at Eagle Tree RV, Daniel read that Poulsbo, Washington was a unique town to visit. We are nearing the end of our amazing road trip and still wanted to explore as much as possible before leaving and saying goodbye to Pablo. After driving for a little over an hour we found ourselves, hungry and looking for some breakfast. The Green Light Diner’s American charm caught our eye. Daniel always thought he should’ve been born in the 1950’s, so this place reminded him of that era.

I wasn’t expecting the diner to be as big as it was. From the front, you would never have known it was that spacious inside. There was seating outdoors and a soda fountain bar and bar stools as well. The Green Light Diner used decor that paid homage to the origin of the historical Poulsbo.

From the floors, to the tables and chairs, the theme of the diner flowed through out the entire diner. There was a frame right on the wall next to our table. It had some facts/events that occurred in the 1950’s. Daniel felt very comfortable inside and really enjoyed this place.

After reading over the menu, I decided on the Alderwood smoked salmon Benedict house-made Alaskan salmon with fresh sautéed spinach and diced roma tomatos. My breakfast also came with hash-browns. My son, shared from both my plate and Daniel’s plate. He devoured the hash-browns of course lol. Daniel ordered corned beef hash. It was slow-cooked in red wine braised corn beef brisket tossed with our roasted red potatoes whipped with two eggs. You can order your eggs any way you like it and he asked for it to be over-easy. On the side he had a some béarnaise sauce. Overall, the food was flavorful and well-prepared. The portions were big enough for our thirteen year old son could enjoy as well.

After we had our breakfast, we were about to step inside the sprinter van, when I looked down the street and saw a beautiful town. The city of Poulsbo looked like a movie set, meaning it looked so perfect it didn’t look real. The weather was perfect and asked my boys if they wanted to just go walk around. They agreed and we walked down the sidewalk to have a look-see. We saw colorful alleys with plants, murals, shops, and baked goods. Since we just had breakfast, I was unable to enjoy any tasty baked glazed goods. Sigh, that was my only regret. We had to cut our time short because we still had a lot of ground to cover as we heading to explore Seattle.

Location: The Green Light Diner

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