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Crab Pot

It’s about one o’clock when we drove into Seattle. I had always heard it was dreary and gloomy but on this day as you can see the sun was out. Even if it was a glum day it would not have taken away from the excitement of the city. Seattle has beautiful buildings and well known landmarks, such the famous Space Needle. We had a great time here and were never bored.

Daniel’s favorite place in the whole word is the REI store. Never fails he always comes out buying something. There have been times he goes in just to look to see what they have in stock. We have bought many useful items there such as our sleeping bags, my KAVU purse, and special soaps. As we drove through, we saw the mother of REI stores! If we had time we would’ve gone but hopefully next time.

We got there with one plan, go to pike place, walk and look at everything lol! We parked Pablo and we were off! I was in awe of everything, literally everything. I was slowly my boys down from all the pictures I was taking with my phone. Sorry not sorry!

After all the driving and excitement of the new city we are experiencing, well of course we got hungry. We walked along Alaskan Way and Daniel saw, The Crab Pot. We were seated right away. A man can by and laid out paper to over our tables. I thought that was unusual but I just went along with it, didn’t question it and checked out the menu.

We got our drinks and immediately ordered the clam chowder in the bread bowl! We shared it because the clam chowder in the bread bowls can be filling for us because we eat the bread. At least for me I do! It’s my favorite part!! I love love love bread!!

Our nice waitress came by and talked to us about the menu. We decided to get the King Crab legs, it includes about one and half pound of crab with seasoned corn and potatoes. The seasoning that was used made my tastebuds explode!! It was really tasty with a kick of spice.

She also brought over some bibs and mallets!?! Huh? I wasn’t sure what to think of the mallets to heb honest. I thought it was for dramatic effect! I can’t recall if I’ve ever had King crab before and I’m pretty sure if I needed a mallet to eat it I would most likely remember. So, I’m going to say this was my first time eating King Crab. My son was most excited as well! It was his first time and I think the idea of using a tool to smash something was fun, lol silly boy! Daniel showed us how it was done and by the end we were pros. After having our own crabbing adventure, in Oregon at Big Spruce’s RV Park, it made us appreciate the King Crab. We know a lot of hard work and time went into catching these crabs. Loved our experience at The Crab Pot in Seattle.

Location: Crab Pot

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