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Bainbridge Island Ferry

Seattle is just so full of wondering things to do and see. The crazy part is we’ve only done and seen a tiny portion of it all. One thing for sure was on our trip, I wanted to experience different forms of transportation. We have already flown on a plane from Houston to Arizona to pick up Pablo. Second, while in Santa Ana we rode on a train at the Roaring Camp Railroads. Then, we had our outing in Santa Barbara, riding jet ski’s at the SEA Landing. Let’s not forget, we had a blast in Oregon, crabbing while staying at Big Spruce RV park. Now, we our in Seattle, Washington at the Bainbridge Island Ferry! Our trip is rounding out in just a unique way…our way.

This was a very special trip for all of us. Daniel wanted to drive and have an epic road trip. I had my heart set on seeing Canada which we did and it was awesome! Diego wanted to have his first surfing experience, which he did at the Richard Schmidt surf school. So this was another first! He had never been on a ferry before. He thought the idea of so many vehicles getting on a ferry to cross over water was just crazy. We loved giving our only child that experience he will never forget.

The views from the Bainbridge Ferry were just beautiful. By now the weather was cooling down and with the movement of the ferry it caused a bit of a chilly wind. We set out just in time for sunset and I was able to capture some gorgeous phots of the city and mountain.

Location: Bainbridge Island Ferry

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