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Gum Wall Seattle

Before I even begin what the Gum Wall in Seattle was like, I have to tell you just getting to this well-known spot. Seattle is a busy, colorful, and loud place. You can tell that the people that are from here take pride in it. I couldn’t help but take photos as I walked looking like a typical tourist, oh well I rather try to capture my surroundings in photos because I might not remember it. However, not the case with the man just laying back in a tree. He looked quite comfortable and from the aroma I smelled as I walked past…he was probably feeling a little blazed, who knows but you never know what you’ll see her in Seattle.

I just loved looking around in Seattle. It was a really beautiful day to be outdoors. A lot of people were outdoors enjoying the warm weather.

We eventually made it to the Gum Wall on Post Alley. I wasn’t even expecting what it looked like because I thought it was a huge wall with chewed up pieces of gum stuck to it. The walkway kind of went under a street like in an alley. So there were some parts that was dark. Unfortunately, we didn’t come prepared and didn’t bring gum. I would’ve brought us some gum and left our names on the wall.

One more thing that didn’t not prepare me was the smell. I figured it would smell bad but it was very very sweet smell. I wasn’t prepared to see what I saw but it was cool to stop by and see why it was popular.

Location: Gum Wall Seattle

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