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Eagle Tree RV Park

Well, remember how I have written before that we don’t always plan ahead where we are staying for the night? Well it’s funny how we even ended up here at Eagle Tree RV Park. Before we took in the sights and tastes of Seattle, we knew we needed a place to stay that night. So in a hurry Daniel looked for RV spots on his phone, called them up and arranged for us to stay here. However, he saw that it was it was only an hour and half away. “No problem,” he thought. He told me he found the place before we began walking around Pike Public Market. In my mind, I was happy he actually looked ahead because that rarely happens. Okay so we carry on and end our day at around 5pm, after we ate at Belltown Pizza. As we headed out, he puts in Eagle Tree RV in the GPS. As we continue to drive, he realizes that there is a shorter route to get to the RV park. He decides to take the ferry route. We ended up on a ferry to Bainbridge Island. We basically drove across verses drove around the entire route. Although we arrived to our campsite late that night, we enjoyed driving to our quiet spot without any problems. I sure do love it when it just all works out.

Naturally, since we arrived very late at night, I couldn’t take pictures of this beautiful RV Park until the next morning. It was such a welcoming piece of land. Our campsite number 12 had more than enough room for our little Pablo. I say little Pablo because the other campers had huge RV’s. The trees were very nice, I tried as hard as I could, but I didn’t see any eagle nests at all. However, from the looks of it I can see why they came up with that name.

Of course, you know I have to show off the bathroom. There were two full size bathroom with showers. Since, most of their guests have their restrooms and showers included in their massive RV’s, there isn’t a real need for a many of them. The showers were timed so make sure you have quarters.

I walked around to see what else Eagle Tree RV park had to offer. I did find a club house with a full kitchen and living room. I would imagine a small event could be used here if you are meeting with lots of family or friends.

All of the lots are big and spacious with plenty of trees around you. For sure if we ever find ourselves in the area, I would definitely like to stay here again.

Location: Eagle Tree RV Park

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