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Cupcake Royale

Have you ever been walking along and BAM you see something and instantly have a craving for it? Cupcake Royale completely did that to me. As we were wondering around the streets near the Pike Public Market, we saw a glowing neon sign and suddenly we were like a moth to a flame, drawing us closer and closer. We weren’t even talking about wanting anything sweet to eat! I am so glad we gave into our cravings that day because if we didn’t we truly would have missed out!

The saying on the sign left on the street, made me laugh out loud, “Cupcakes: do the booty good.” Okay then, if you say so. We eagerly walk in and are struck by how adorable this little creamery really is. Since it is called Cupcake Royale, I immediately check out the cupcakes first! Those cupcakes are really pretty and nicely decorated. Wasn’t sure if I was getting a cupcake or ice cream, it was a tough decision I had to make.

I decided to look over the names of the ice cream flavors. I really wanted to make the best decision. At the time, I honestly just wanted to taste it. Daniel really wasn’t in the mood for ice cream, so he said for me to pick anything. ME?? Oh, boy…this may take a while.

We took a closer look and one name stood out of all the rest of the flavors, Stumptown Coffee with dark chocolate ribbon, I really do like coffee ice- cream. Online on their website, it is described as, “Hair Bender coffee-steeped cream with a dark chocolate ribbon.” I was sold!! The texture was silky smooth and unlike anything I have ever tasted. Chocolate that was laced with the coffee ice cream was a perfect amount without taking away from the coffee flavor. Diego and Daniel really enjoyed the ice cream as well. After tasting it, I knew I should’ve gotten my own ice cream, when am I going to learn!!

Cupcake Royale was the cutest ice cream shop ever. It felt very bright, clean, colorful, and comfortable inside. I highly recommend if you are in the Seattle area to check out this place and surrender into your cravings.

Location: Cupcake Royale

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