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Belltown Pizza

Seattle can rev up hunger with all the walking around at Pike’s Public Market. We parked Pablo our sprinter kind of far out in a paid parking lot. We didn’t realize how far until we started our wondering around Seattle. Belltown Pizza is about a 8 minute walk from Pike’s Public Market, I really enjoyed the business of the area.

Diego of course fell in love with Belltown Pizza because of its games. Boys and their games! It was actually pretty cool because it was the first time, Diego had ever seen a pin ball machine. It was like taking him to a museum, things he only read about but never experienced in real life. So that was really neat to introduce him to it and showing him how to play. The Batman pinball machine was the one we had our eye on. Diego was use to arcade machines that uses a prepaid card. He knew when I was little I had to actually put quarters in the machines. These pinball machines were just like that. I’m glad I had plenty of quarters for him to enjoy.

Belltown Pizza had huge screen televisions all around. At first we sat inside and watched some baseball. However, Daniel saw how nice it was outside and we ended up eating right outside of the pizzeria. That was a first for me, eating outside as people in the downtown area walked right past you. This was a very cool city-like experience for me and it was like straight from a movie.

The pizza came out and it was super hot in temperature. We all really enjoyed the combination of our toppings on the pizza. Our pizza had black olives, green bell pepper, pepperoni, and sausage. Belltown pizza gave us plenty of it too! The pizza felt like a cross between a thin crust and thick crust. It was pretty perfect, not too thin nor too thick. I loved how toasted the crust was which my favorite way to eat it. We ordered the biggest size they had, goodness I ate way more than I should’ve! Luckily, we had to walk back quite a bit back to Pablo, the Sprinter Van so I was able to walk off the pizza. We had a memorable time here in Seattle at Belltown Pizza.

Location: Belltown Pizza

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