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Rusty Wagon Old Tyme Food

After enjoying a great stay at KOA Lynden/billingham, Daniel wanted to find a place that served breakfast near by. He looked online and saw that Rusty Wagon Old Tyme Food had some pretty high ratings, so we decided to check it out. This American restaurant was only ten minutes away from the KOA. As we pulled up, we saw that this place screamed with personality! There was alot to look at outside of Rusty Wagon.

Rusty Wagon Old Tyme Food did not hold back on their western theme. I was fascinated how well the decor looked throughout the restaurant. From the paintings on the wall to the font that was used, kept you busy looking at it all, while waited for you food. It was too cute to NOT to take pictures of on the inside. The artist they chose to paint the walls was creative and the place appeal and charm. My favorite part was on the way to the restroom. I loved watching Looney Tunes growing up. My all time favorite characters were Bugs Bunny and Speedy Gonzales. Look what’s painted on the wall?

The hostess offered Diego are now 13 year old, a kid menu that included a wanted coloring poster and crayons. He accepted her offer and put it on our table. I really thought he wasn’t going to draw anything. However he noticed that there were other wanted posters hung up around the restaurant. Seeing this encouraged him to draw something. He drew a picture of his dad. I thought it was very sweet to get in the spirit of it. My days are numbered with him acting like a young kid, he will soon begin behaving as teenager. I pray his heart will stay sweet and loving as always.

Their food was really tasty and did not disappoint. I felt that I was being pretty predictable at this point by ordering French toast. However, we’ve been trying to find which place had the best ones. Diego and I shared the French toast with bacon and eggs. Daniel ordered bacon. corn hash, eggs, and hash browns. I didn’t get a chance to ask him if he liked it but since his plate was licked clean I will only assume he did, LOL! The French toast was really good and filling enough for both of us.

The outside of the place was fun to look at. There was fun signs with funny sayings and plenty of photo opportunities all around. I can see why this place had high rating because it is friendly and a family establishment. There was opportunities for us to be silly.

Diego was a great sport and hopped on the swing. He was enjoying himself until we saw the whole wooden structure start to sway back and forth as he swung. He quickly attempted to jump off. LOL, I guess my son is literally too big for this! We had a great time at Rusty Wagon Old Tyme Food.

Location: Rusty Wagon Old Tyme Food

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