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KOA Lynden/Billingham

After spending a few laid-back days in Canada it was time to head back to the states. Again, we had zero clue where we would end up which is part of the adventure when traveling on the road. Those of you who know, know what I mean. We said our goodbyes to Canada and said hello to a new friend, Washington. None of us had a true experience of the evergreen state before other than driving through to reach to Canada. Although, we were spoiled with the natural jaw dropping surroundings of Canada and Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds, we weren’t expecting too much from Lynden, Washington. First of all, it was the first time I had even heard the city’s name before. Like most people have heard of the city of Houston before even if you’ve never visited, you have at least heard of the city’s name. So I didn’t have too many expectations on our trip ahead. After exploring a bit and making a stop at REI, we ended up in Lynden, Washington. We decide to stay the night there. After a short google search we found we were near a KOA. We thought why not? It had decent reviews on google so we call to check for availability, which they did have and drive over there. Boy, oh boy were we impressed! The campgrounds were super nice, well maintained, with beautiful trees and a lake. The entrance alone had us very excited to stay here. We checked in and looked around in their store was stocked full of snacks and necessities.

KOA Lynden/ Bellingham was well thought of for families. It pretty much catered to keeping children busy and happy! Our spot was pretty much the best one there lol! We picked a campsite that was closest to the lake. We lucked out because no one was next to us. Not that it really matters, it just meant we had extra privacy.

We had a great view of the lake, and mini golf. Yes, this KOA included a mini golf with small structures too. I was tempted to try it out but all my son wanted to do was go fishing, oh well, it was nice to see other families enjoying it.

Outside, there were rod iron tables, chairs with open patio umbrellas over them to enjoy the outdoors. The front lake was not far from the mini-golf area, not many places also provide paddle boats to enjoy as well. It was cheap too, $5 per hour!

As I continued exploring, I noticed some doors. I walk in and OMGee, it was like a kids paradise lounge!! Talk about the mother of all recreational rooms. We’ve stayed at other places that had a rec room and none of them came close to how this was loaded out. It Included a place to borrow golf balls and clubs. Also on one side there was old school arcade type games and a pool table. I really like how they organized their board games on the wall. I have lots of them at home and would love to copy this idea for my own house.

This place was huge because on the other side of the recreational lounge there was an ice cream shop and their menu was written down on a chalkboard behind the counter. I didn’t taste ice cream, but Diego and Daniel did go later on that day. Diego enjoyed huge scoops of strawberry/ vanilla ice cream and Daniel picked out cookies and cream. These portions were Texas sized! Look! It’s as big as there face! Bahahaha!

We ended up staying two nights because I needed time to wash our laundry. Luckily, there was one of the nicest laundry rooms, I’ve ever used. It was nicely decorated and with cool AC. The restrooms were next to the laundry room which was very convenient for me and not far from our campsite.

I really loved our cookouts. I was craving sautéed mushrooms in butter and it was delicious. We also grilled Asparagus and lamb shish kebabs. We bought the meat and veggies at the Granville public market in Canada. Both nights that we stayed were perfect weather to be outdoors. Diego had the best time fishing and enjoying the all the amenities this KOA had to offer.

Meanwhile Diego enjoyed a lot of night fishing and we liked listening to the bull frogs croak. Diego remembered he had some sparklers left over from Fourth of July and we took those out and enjoyed them as well. We really enjoyed our stay at the KOA Lynden/ Bellingham in Washington. If you have young children, they too will definitely love this play as well.

Location: KOA Lynden/ Bellingham

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