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Green Lake

One of are stays in Whistler, was trying to trek out and look for the lakes that were recommended to us from the Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds. The lady in the office gave us a useful map to us and circled the lakes to try our luck at fishing. This was very nice of them to provide us with a map and made it a lot easier to scan where we wanted to head to.

We started out the day by sleeping in, this was rare for us because we rarely didn’t give ourselves time to do that while on the road. So we got up and I began the day with making pancakes and scrambled eggs over the campfire. Let me tell you since we had a late start we were starving. It was nice sleeping in because it was very peaceful and quiet at our campsite.

After we ate, we quickly gathered up our cooking stuff and washed things off, we knew we needed to get out and about. We pulled out the map that was given to us. My son picked Green Lake. It was the biggest out of all of the lakes, surely we would find some luck catching a fish. We made the drive to green lake and it didn’t take long before Diego was already in the water. It was a pretty hot day so I don’t blame him one bit.

A little boy who was about 3 years old passed us by with his mother. She knew we weren’t from around the area because right away she asked where we from. Lol, she knew this because we were in the wrong spot for fishing. She recommended for us to keep walking and we would find a beach type area and our luck would be better over there. So we collected our chairs and walked around the lake to that area she suggested. Sure enough it was better, Diego caught a bite but the fish swam away before he could reel him in. The lake was a gorgeous green color. We had a nice and lovely time for a few hours. Although we didn’t catch any fish we still had a great time.

Location: Green Lake

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