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Whistler RV Park and Campground

As we traveled into Canada, we literally had no clue where we were staying. At this point during our travels, this is what we do. I have learned to just trust that it will all work out, plus worst case scenario, we could just boon dock somewhere for the night. So as we drove through, we looked up some places and fortunately we found a special gem, Whistler RV Park and Campground. We didn’t call, but we passed by it and stopped to ask. They had spots available… see it always works out.

Pablo our Sprinter had so much room at our site we could’ve fit two Sprinter Vans in one spot, that’s how big it was. There were plenty of trees all around to enjoy.

Of course, I had to check out the restrooms which was a quick walk behind our campsite. It is the cutiest looking restroom! The outside of the building reminded me of those children’s toy building blocks called Lincoln logs. I appreciated the caution signs for bears, lol! I didn’t expect that but good to know.

During the day and drove out to explore Whistler’s Village. This village is a short 15 minute drive up Sea to Sky Hwy. The weather was just the best! A lot of people out and about enjoying themselves and riding their bikes. It was very simple finding parking for our Pablo.

We walked about and enjoyed some coffee. We stopped at a local coffee shop, called Mogul’s. I had to take a picture of their coffee stirrers. I thought it was very environmentally conscious of the establishment to use uncooked linguini noodles instead of plastic. Daniel enjoyed a cafe latté, Diego had a hot chocolate and I love my coffee Americana.

There were lots of shops and souvenir places at the Whistler Village. I was eager to purchase a few items that proudly displayed Canada’s name or flag. We were so proud that we had a successful road trip and made it into Canada.

After visiting the village, we went back to camp and grilled for the next two nights. One evening we had seasoned chicken with corn, and another night we had lamb shish kebabs with again corn. We really love to eat corn, lol! One of our morning was spent with me making breakfast. I made scrambled eggs and protein pancakes. We had a relaxing time outdoors eating and throwing a football around that we purchased at a store in the village. We would love to stay here again at Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds while in Canada.

Location: Whistler RV Park and Campgrounds

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