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Alpha Lake

Canada never disappoints with its natural beauty. Needing to get away from city life, or need some fresh air? Head to Alpha Lake in Whistler, Canada. We camped at Whistler RV and campgrounds, and we’re given a map of the whole area. My son Diego of course was already asking for the nearest fishing spot. We decided to stop by Alpha Lake because we were told that it was a gorgeous area to see and relax at. I am glad we did because the weather was just perfect!

The only thing I did not expect was the limited parking. However that did not discourage us from trying to find a space, which we did find. Although, it was a long walk it was all worth it to enjoy the views and bask in the sun. My boys pulled up their chairs and got right down to fishing. There were other people also enjoying the lake but in a different way. If you look close you can see a pier and some dogs. The owner was throwing a stick into the water and the dogs were jumping into the water to retrieve it. It was entertaining watching them jump into the lake.

There is plenty to do here from what I read such as, playing volleyball, a playground for the kids, tennis courts, an area for BBQ with picnic tables. We didn’t come to Alpha Lake to do any of those things, instead we had fun just being in the middle of our beautiful earth. There is nothing like this in Houston, Texas. We enjoyed sitting and enjoyed the quietness of it all! It was perfect while I read a book and the boys fished.

Location: Alpha Lake

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