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Armando’s Quality Meats

Granville Public Market is a great location with an array of foods! This place will literally open up your tastebuds and cravings you didn’t even know you had! Here is where we discovered Armando’s Quality Meats. They had a lot to choose from. Who knew you could organize meats in such an appetizing way?!

Daniel went for the LandJager. It is a popular sausage for hiking and since we were planing on doing some hiking at our stay at Whistler RV and campgrounds we decided to pick some up. We didn’t get a whole lot just 3 pieces to share. The best part about this type of meat is that it doesn’t required refrigeration. It was very tasty, it had a hearty and pork fat taste to it.

The gentleman behind the counter was extremely helpful and gave us information about his favorites. I love that about Daniel, he is always good about asking people who work behind the counter what they have enjoyed. It’s what we do ALL the time because we’ve never been steered wrong. In this case, he recommended the rosemary garlic lamb sausage. We grilled it that very night, it was tender and delicious! I really love how rosemary spruces the flavor in sausages, meats and chicken. Thanks to Armando’s Quality Meats we had a rewarding cook out.

Location: Armando’s Quality Meats

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