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A La Mode

Pie anyone? Well by the looks of these pies you are not getting just some run of mill kind of pie, you could say these are more like the Marvel of all pies! A La Mode can be found in this bustling and busy, Granville Island Public Market. As crowded as it is some shops can be over looked because you’re just trying to maneuver between everyone, but this shop is a jaw dropper. There are numerous sweet and savory pies and quiche pies on display to select from. I thought I had enjoyed it all from my goodies from, Kaisereck Deli, Terra Breads, and Fraser Valley Juice & Salad. I did have to stop and admire all the pies. How do you choose? Daniel had to try out the savory Clam chowder pie. I mainly wanted to bite down on the crust part of the pie.

We waited patiently in the very long line for A La Mode’s, Daniel was ready to enjoy his hot pie. The pies were volcanic looking! The crust looked on them looked amazing. I decided if were going to have a seat I needed to look for a spot to eat. Every chair was filled, I’m glad for the long line because it gave me time to wait for some people to leave. As soon as three people got up, I grabbed their spots. I was regretting not getting a pie but I knew it would be a struggle to finish it. Next time, we come here I will definitely either try the wild blueberry or the peach crumble, don’t those sound amazing.

The moment of truth. Daniel came with his heaping pie of calm chowder. The crust was very flaky with a slight crunch. The soup consistency was thiner than most clam chowders however still delicious. I couldn’t help but hone in on just the crusty part of the pie. This was a good moment in the market, get you a bowl/pie of clam chowder.

Location: A La Mode

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