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Fraser Valley Juice & Salad

There is a lot to see and eat at Granville Island Public Market, but what about to drink? Well if you are in the mood for a natural refreshment, Fraser Valley Juice and Salad has you covered. Here you have some options to choose from their colorful menu. They even give you the option of adding yogurt or chocolate syrup too. Mmmm…mmm!

I have a juicer at home and was craving for my dose of fresh juice. It has been a while since I’ve had one and after looking at their full display of fruit and vegetables, I knew I had to get one. You know you are getting quality when you see plenty of carrots and colorful fruit ready to go.

I decided to go with V3. This natural juice included kale, banana, apple juice, and lemon juice. I asked for no ginger because ginger has a strong kick to it. It’s not for me, plus Daniel is allergic to it so I just went without it. This tasted exactly how I make it home, it was a cup full of vitamins and minerals. I instantly felt healthy as I enjoyed it while walking around the market.

Location: Fraser Valley Juice & Salad

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