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Terra Breads

One look at Terra Breads (inside of Granville Island Public Market) will stop you in your tracks. First of all, you know the breads are good when there is a long line. I had to keep letting people go ahead of me because I was trying to figure out what I was going to get. The variety of breads is overwhelming, it is THE carb loading spot. The first piece of bread that got my attention was the buttery croissant. Look at this amazing curvaceous glorious golden crust!!! Just look at it!! I mean have you seen a perfect crescent shaped bread like this before. These croissants were huge! These were freshly baked to perfection and rich in buttery flavor. I just loved how it was flaky, with a hint of crisp yet soft and squishy on the inside. So when I thought I tried the best of the best croissants I was wrong again! It was like I was in slow motion reading maple…walnut…double…baked…croissant! Wait, what?! This one is on another level of greatness! It is the same awesome croissant, but with flare! The maple walnut is like eating nutty candy. It had an extra crispiness to it since the croissant is double baked. The inside was still soft and savory. Ugh, I couldn’t get over the size of these croissants! Its like Terra Breads was made just for me, LOL! Lastly, my son found his gem, the ham and cheese croissant. I did try a bite of this one and it was pretty much amazing. The way they make the croissants is just to die for! If you are looking for well made, fine breads, this is your place!

“Mama, mama, can I have a cheese stick, please!!” I overheard what looked to be about four or five year old little boy say to his mother. I thought, hmmmm…must be good if this child is practically begging for it out of all the breads. I order one to share with my son as I continue to look and add to my order that I have started. We tried it and it was pretty damn good. The cheese stick was simple and salty with a cheese flavor. The texture was soft and the length of it was almost two hands long. I think these would be popular to pair with pasta or a spaghetti dinner.

I learned at Terra Breads that there is more than one way a focaccia is made. I have to admit, I only tried two out of the six focaccia’s Terra Breads have. I have so many regrets!! The two that we bought and tried were the cheese & herb and the roasted red pepper focaccia. We ate them at room temperature later on that day. It was very tasty and soft, imagine if it was warmed up? Wow! Looking back at my pictures I am regretting one…the salted caramel apple focaccia, sigh. An opportunity gone forever, I bet it was as amazing as the name it self!

My last pick of my trip to Terra Breads had to be a massive one. But how massive? It was a difficult decision between the blueberry bread vs. the grape bread. How did I make that decision, well it came with plenty of thought, I can tell you that much. I’d like to point out how I love how Terra Breads took the time to write a simple description of each of their baked goods. This is very helpful and probably less annoying having to answer the same questions over and over again. So with that being said, I ended up picking the blueberry bread. Within the description it reads, ‘local blueberries + white chocolate’ and in big read letters it reads, INDULGE. The white chocolate had me sold, so I indulged. As you can see our pile next to the cash register, we enjoyed all of the delicious specialty breads here at Terra Breads.

Location: Terra Breads

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