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Muffin Granny

Let me start off with Muffin Granny inside of Granville Island Public Market did not disappoint! You literally can’t go wrong with their selection. Are you in the mood for a coffee or a beverage? How about a crêpe, muffin, cookie, or a scrumpet? Anything you choose from will be a delight! Today’s craving was something sweet, and a freshly made to order crêpe!

This young lady whipped out her crêpe skills front and center. We decided on the crêpe special of the day which was pears with brown sugar. The staff here were so friendly and smiling while they created this sweet treat.

Daniel likes to always try something of a different flavor. Today, he chose an apricot almond scrumpet. Again, this is something I have never had before. The Muffin Granny had me with that heaping pat of melting butter. Can you say yuuuuuuumy!! Wow! I really love the flavor the apricot gave to this biscuit. A scrumpet reminded me of the texture of a biscuit however sweeter than salty. The thickness of it gave me a craving for milk to drink it down with. There was fruit and almond with every bite! If I wasn’t so full from eating the lox bagel earlier from Kaisereck Deli I would’ve had more of the scrumpet.

The next item he chose was the crêpe special that had brown sugar and massive pieces of fresh pears. I expected it to be very sugary sweet when I tasted it, but no it surprisingly it was wasn’t. In fact it was gratifying with the juicy pears, you didn’t feel like you were eating a heavy desert. The crêpe was lean and not abundantly sweet, so the main flavor you tasted was the pears. I think pears don’t get enough credit and often get overlooked. In this case, it was a nice change than the traditional strawberries, and chocolate crêpes. If you’re wanting a subtle taste of sweet try out the brown sugar & pears crêpe, at The Muffin Granny, it will satisfy that craving.

Location: The Muffin Granny

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