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Kaisereck Deli

Daniel found this place in Granville Public Market, the Kaisereck Deli. I’m not sure what appealed to him most about it, but after a look at the menu I can see why. Kaisereck Deli has an assortment of different deli specialities such as gourmet German Sausages, wraps, and breakfast sandwiches. Today we were in the mood for a hot breakfast sandwich. We agreed on sharing a Lox on a Bagel. It has their locally smoked sockeye salmon, cream cheese, capers and your choice of bagel.

I watched as the bagel maker made my breakfast. I was curious how was this going to taste because I hadn’t tried smoked salmon nor capers before so this was going to be interesting. The workers at Kaisereck Deli were so nice and attentive as to not add any onions to our meal.

Before handing us our breakfast, they asked if I wanted pickles! Sure, why not! Who doesn’t love pickles!! Wow! I am a huge fan! The best part of the breakfast bagel was that she didn’t hold back on the cream cheese!! That is what made the whole meal. The deli pickles were a nice added touch of flavor too. The capers gave it some salty zest, I will be ordering Lox on a bagel from now on. We shared this breakfast since it was just to get a taste. We had to come back the next day so that I could have one all to myself, LOL! Btw we did return an I had one just to myself.

Location: Kaisereck Deli

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