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Granville Island Produce

This is Granville Island Produce which we found inside the Granville Public Market. There are two locations, one is inside the market and the other one is a stand alone grocery store found on Dalhousie Road. Are you are looking for some good looking fruit? Stop by here and you can find almost every kind of fruit or vegetable. The way the produce was on display was just beautiful. It seemed like it was done in an artistic kind of way. The produce was very inviting and had you craving fruit. My questions is who was patient enough to stack all those cherries and strawberries?? Wow!!

The most appealing of all the fruits were the cartons full of mixed berries and grapes. These were my favorite of all. When I’ve bought berries it was always individually, but to see such an array of super fruits was fun to see. It is rare to find a mix like this other than buying it frozen. I regret not purchasing the champagne grapes sitting behind the display of mixed berries. Once again someone as a the patience of an angel to do all of this.

My favorite fruit of all has to be grapes! I just love them and can eat them daily! I thought I had seen every grape ever grown until now. The picture on the right has a funky shaped type of grape called moon drop grapes. I should’ve bought some, but those babies are huge! I don’t think I had enough room for those in my small van fridge. At least I was able to learn about a new type of grape while visiting Granville Island Produce.

Location: Granville Island Produce

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