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Lee’s Donuts

One of our days spent in Vancouver was at the popular Granville Public Market. We did some research on YouTube to learn what to expect when we got there. We knew for sure we were going to have great foodie fun there however it was more than great, it was a foodie paradise. We woke up and prepared ourselves to get there early in hopes of finding a parking spot big enough to fit our Sprinter van named Pablo. We didn’t know how crowded it would get so we just wanted to be ready. I was very impressed with how it looked as we drove around looking for a spot.

We pulled into this designated parking area and luckily for us since we arrived early there were plenty of spots. As we pulled in we noticed a glorious sign. There were spots just for oversized vehicles!!! Wow! I think this is a first. We had a sense of relief and comfort knowing that our van will be in a safe spot. We paid at the electronic ticket booth and eagerly made our way inside. We found the entrance into Granville and we couldn’t help but smell all the wonderful aromas coming from inside.

Before coming to Granville Public Market, we did watch a few youTube videos about it. One place that kept coming up over and over again was Lee’s Donuts. My son loves donuts! He will always eats one when there’s an opportunity to have one. I mean I guess who wouldn’t. I told him all about it and of course that was the first thing we had to go scout out and try before anything else. Before walking in, I saw their working station, and I was in awe of the assortments of donuts they had. It was very difficult to chose but we picked three donuts. We couldn’t go overboard because we had a whole day of eating ahead of us. We bought two donuts called Honey Dip and a sugar donut. After selecting our donuts we walked back outside to enjoy them.

Mmmm, mmm, mmm…what else can we say! The honey dip donut was clearly the winner. I probably could have eaten like five more easily. I’m proud that I didn’t because I knew there was more to enjoy inside. Diego loved every bite of his sugar donut. Lee’s Donuts reputation was spot on and no doubt a winner. I am so glad we found out about it before heading inside.

This was just one place we visited and tried inside the Granville Public Market. Granville is filled many many food shops, deli’s, bakeries, and specialty foods. There will be more articles to come.

Location: Lee’s Donuts

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