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Ambleside Pier

West Vancouver, British Columbia was SO much fun to visit. This city was just bustling with a lot of people enjoying the outdoors. People were either out on their on bikes, eating outdoors or in our case fishing. We drove through the city not really looking for anything in particular. We were just exploring around and soaking in the views. Diego was still determined to get as much fishing in as possible on our EPIC road trip. We knew we were close to some bays because we had driven over Lions Gate Bridge to check into Capilano River RV Park. To read more about Capilano River RV Park click here. As we drove slowly down Bellevue Avenue, Diego pointed out a large pier. Daniel drove to Argyle Avenue to find parking. I always dread looking for parking because our Sprinter Van “Pablo” is big and intrusive. But leave it to Daniel’s luck, he ALWAYS finds a parking spot, and a close one at that. Daniel told us to go check out the Pier and he was going to rest his eyes for a bit. Wow! Ambleside Pier is breathtaking. You don’t ever think of fishing while you’re in the city. So you get the best of both worlds, which was really special.

Whoever designed this Pier had families in mind. It attracts lots of children, parents, couples, and grandparents to the pier. Some were probably tourist like us looking around and taking pictures. The majority of the families there were fishing and even crabbing. There was also a goofy couple showing ALOT of PDA. Daniel and I were joking around saying that they probably have only known each other less than a month. LOL! Let’s see how cute that couple looks in about 10 years. Haha! The weather was just perfect, it was considerably warm with a breeze, but being from Houston it was heavenly.

After walking around the pier, Diego was eager to try to fish. Daniel brought over some chairs and the fishing equipment. Interesting fun fact: children 16 years old or younger do not need a paid fishing license in Canada, but do need to jump online and get a free permit.

While we were fishing, we could hear squeals and cries of delight. I went over to see what people were pointing at. It was a cute Harbor seal! OMG, so cute, I swear it acted like a dog. This young girl was throwing her bait out to it. The seal would dive down in the water to catch it. When it was done eating, it popped his head up out of the water. Once she stopped feeding him, the seal would swim around the pier hoping someone would share their bait with him. While Diego continued to fish, he got to see the seal pop his head out of the water. The seal lingered about and went about his business.

The winner at the Ambleside Pier was this lady. This fisherwoman was serious about catching something on this day. I watched her as she focused on wrapping her bait down on a crab trap and lassoed it over and into the water. It was very cool to witness her crabbing skills.

Ambleside Pier was not something we had planned at all, which made it all the more fun. That’s the beauty part of being on the road. You can go about your day and see what happens and always end up having a great time. In life there is always something to do, some place to go, and people to meet. As long as you have your health and love ones close by your day will always be perfect.

Location: Ambleside Pier

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