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Jake’s Cafe on 2nd Street

Jake’s Cafe is a laid back breakfast and brunch kind of place in Snohomish, Washington. The restaurant looks to be triangular shaped on 2nd and Rainier Street. The odd shaped block does make parking interesting, but its worth it when you check out the inside. Parking our Sprinter van named Pablo was a bit of challenge, all we did was wait it out. At some point someone is coming out from enjoying a nice full breakfast. Which is exactly what happened in our situation. We barely waited for a space to open up.

We dropped by Jake’s Cafe on 2nd Street on a Saturday, which is a busy day for breakfast. However don’t let the packed house make you turn the other direction, besides when you see the portions that they give you you’ll want to stick around. The staff is quick and you won’t be waiting long. The waitress’ zoom around the place with over-sized meals on their arms. If you notice, Jake’s Cafe on 2nd Street has a lot to look at on the walls. While you wait for a table or for your food, you’ll enjoy the vintage collection they have. Every inch of the establishment is filled.

We looked over the menu and were eager to have some breakfast. I decided that I would share with Diego my order of French Toast. He was in the mood for an egg and some bacon. I feel like I have to go with the usual breakfast. French toast has never let me down and it lasts for the rest of the day.

Daniel’s meal was the winner of the morning. He had an appetite and ordered Jake’s Gut Buster Omelette. I think he only ordered it so he could say the name of the plate. LOL! When his food came, my eyes bugged out! This omelette is HUGE!! It massive, it was as big a his hand. At Jake’s Cafe, they do not mess around skimp on the ingredients so the omelette was jam packed full. I bet the cook has some strong arms to lift that on to the plate, all day long.

Daniel’s omelette included ham, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and cheddar cheese. It also included hash-browns and toast. The omelette was bigger than Daniel’s hand. The thickness was three fingers tall!! He tried to finish it all but he just couldn’t. When in the Snohomish, Washington area make your way to Jake’s Cafe on Second Street and tackle your own omelette.

Location: Jake’s Cafe on 2nd Street

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