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Capilano River RV Park

Hello Canada!! Wow, we have come a long way from Houston, Texas in our Sprinter van named Pablo. The whole purpose of getting our passports was to come and explore Canada. Let me say we were not disappointed at all and it was totally worth it. Since it was Saturday there was quite bit of traffic trying to get through customs check point. I bet a lot of people were looking to get away for the weekend too. We enjoyed the scenery as we passed through immigration. Our first impression of Canada was friendly and beautiful sunny weather!

Our first stop was to the RV park we found in Vancouver. Since we were staying inside the city, we were lucky this urban campground had availability. That being said if you refer to the top of this article, you will see our Sprinter van, Pablo. It was a pretty tight fit for the vehicles here at Capilano River RV Park, but that’s to be expected in the middle of the city. As luck has it, our spot was next to this unassuming white van. On the side of their van were many stickers of the places they have traveled in this very van. We struck up a conversation with the French couple and they have had many journeys! They have taken their travels to Alaska and across Europe. We learned the gentleman had some life changing news about his health. The news made them decide to live life on the road. It was very inspiring to learn about their travels. I took a mini tour inside their van, they had a mini kitchen, bathroom and full size bed. They did a great job with the amount of space they have. I also saw the coolest looking tiny home! The owners love their flowers and plants.

We mainly picked this campground because Diego wanted to do some fishing. The park seems to be sitting above and off to the side below is the Capilano River. We took our own chairs and did a little bit of fishing. We didn’t stay too long because we had a long day from the drive and sitting in traffic at the Canada border. There were fish however we didn’t stay long enough to catch any.

As the evening began, it was a great time to scope out the restrooms and showers. I wanted to take a much needed shower and call it a night. I was impressed with the size of the restrooms. The showers were spacious and very nice. You can tell the campgrounds take pride in their cleanliness.

We were walking about the campgrounds. Daniel mentions out-loud, “I’m in the mood for ice-cream!” Diego said, “Wow some ice-cream would hit the spot.” A few moments later, in the far distance we could hear a song was playing. I didn’t think much about it. As we turned the corner, we see an ice cream truck parked right in front of Pablo. WOW!! Daniel and Diego have some luck! They quickly jumped in line and got an ice cream. It was a great first day in Vancouver.

Location: Capilano River RV Park

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