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We ended our journey in Oregon with an adorable breakfast and lunch restaurant in a town called Manzanita. This town was just as beautiful as Encinitas in California. Yolk has an amazing reputation as you read their google reviews. I don’t think I have ever craved or quickly wanted food so badly by just reading the reviews alone, it was that enticing! Yolk located at the corner of Laneda Avenue has an appealing and charming look. I read the menu online, however when you walk in the smells of freshness may deter you from your original decision. You’re invited to sign in to wait for a table. We did, and sat in their comfortable waiting area.

As I waited, I took a look around. Yolk is truly a decorative and nice-looking place. Yolk is very stylish and well designed. You can feel the warmth in the air. I was really excited about my experience here, I knew it was going to be something special!

Our names were called and we excitedly walked over to our table. I was already impressed. The extra time that was given to getting to our spot ready was put into the clean and neat lay out on our table. The attention to detail made us feel extra special as if it was our birthday. We ordered coffee and my eyes danced all about the menu.

My mind was set on the Crispy French Custard Toast. On the menu it is described as three pieces of brioche soaked long, grilled slow for a custard center. You had the option of ordering one, two, or three pieces as the price varies. I wanted ALL three pieces!! The server came back to take our order. That’s when I got the sad news, they ran out of brioche bread and it would take additional 20-30 minute wait. WHAT? My stinking luck! Sigh, okay… I picked my plan B choice which was Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with the added marionberries. My son and I decided to share the pancakes and a side order of two eggs and oat molasses toast. Our food arrived…I can’t…I just can’t describe this. The dish first of all looked like it was made with so much love. I am not sure how to go about to describe the deliciousness of the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. The flavor of the pancakes was nothing short of perfection. Soft, thick, and packed with marionberries with a moist and sweet taste to it. I am not sure what about these pancakes made them so mouth-watering? The combination of ricotta, lemon, and marrionberries was mind blowing!! This was the first time I’ve ever had marionberries, again its not my birthday or Christmas just a regular Friday at Yolk in Manzanita, Oregon having the best breakfast evAR!!!

Daniel ordered from the house specialties section. He had Corned Beef Hash on the brain. Yolk described it as richly sautéed with potatoes, green peppers, onions, garlic, basil, and a touch of cream, topped with an egg. He chose a biscuit on the side. Daniel described the corned beef hash as, “The best he has ever had in his life!” I have never heard Daniel rave like that about any dish at any of the places that we have been too. Daniel said, that he will always compare any corned beef hash to Yolk’s. This place set the bar seriously high. He said there was just so much flavor. The jam that he used for his biscuit was made in-house.

We didn’t want our breakfast experience to end. We ate as slowly as we could to savor every single bite. We all kept looking at each other in disbelief. We were thinking the same thing. We will never have a meal like this ever again! We were just blown away with how delicious the food was. As I was finishing up, all of sudden I hear a lady’s voice yell from the kitchen, “FRENCH TOAST BACK ON!” My eyes darted over to Daniel. I said, “Did she just say the French toast was back on?” He nodded his head. Ugh, that’s what I had originally wanted! I was full yet sad because I really wanted to try them. Daniel was like, “just order them.” I thought, yes I should because there is no telling when we will be back! We asked for an order! I was delighted! The crispy French custard toast was a complete dream. It was on a whole other level of awesomeness, it had to be in another category when it comes to French toast. As our tastebuds soaked in the tasty toast, Daniel said, “Look, that’s why its so amazing! They make their own bread. I just saw her put the bread on the shelf for it to cool.” Ahhhhh, so that’s it! Yolk uses their own specialty bread. There is no way you could duplicate it even if you tried. Well done, Yolk! Well done! During our road trip thus far, Yolk was the best, and continues to be the top food experience to date!

Location: Yolk

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