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Sea Baron Fish & Chips

Driving down the Oregon Coast Highway has to be the most impressive experience I’ve had so far. Being from Houston, Texas it’s not everyday you get to enjoy cool and gorgeous weather. The ocean looks resplendent against the winding roads. Freedom on the road gives you a glorious feeling knowing you can roam wherever you want to. What else does this highway need? Probably food. This is where Sea Baron Fish & Chips comes in. If you’re not careful it’s easy to miss because it is off the road and small. Don’t assume all food trucks are the same because this one will surprise you with fresh seafood. This one man operation will fulfill your seafood craving all the while enjoying the view.

After we ordered our food, we sat under a solid wood pergola with decorated hanging baskets full of colorful flowers. Oregon is so picturesque because not too far away is a train parked on tracks with evergreen trees in the background. A perfect road side stop with your favorite people is the best!

The gentleman called our name when our order was done. Daniel ordered three different baskets. All the baskets came with creamy, cold tartar sauce and tangy, thick cocktail sauce. Diego requested jumbo shrimp and chips. Indeed the shrimp was jumbo and divine. The outside was crisp and it did not take away from the texture of the shrimp.

Daniel’s basket was the halibut basket and chips. This was probably the best one out of the three in my opinion but all were winners. The batter that surrounded the halibut was light and crisp. The halibut had a flakiness texture to it and was more than what I expected.

My basket was the fish and chips. I had to break open the fish first because it comes out scorching hot. The batter is crunchy and crumbly. I throughly enjoyed it. The tartar and cocktail sauce complimented well with my fish. All in all, our baskets were a big hit. Who knew you could have awesome, fresh seafood on the side of the Oregon Coast Highway?

Location: Sea Baron Fish & Chips

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