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SharkBites’s Seafood Cafe

SharkBites is a hip, quint place that is fitted on South Broadway in Coos Bay. We decided to grab a clam chowder to go so we could continue on with our road trip to Tillamook. On the outside it looked empty, you would’ve never known the crowd inside. I walked inside, and I was actually relieved to see there was a line already started. That’s a great sign that people want their food. On one side there is a long counter space in front of the bar. On the other side it was a packed place full of hungry customers.

The host greeted me warmly and asked for me to sit at the counter to receive my order. The staff was busy running around trying to accommodate their full restaurant. A waiter came and took my order. I waited comfortably at the bar.

The quick host came with my order in a brown paper bag. Inside was my super hot clam chowder, two spoons, napkins, and two individual sized New England Original Westminster Bakers Co. oyster crackers. It was settling to know that SharkBites Seafood Cafe thought of everything and I didn’t need to ask. I really felt they took care of everything. The best part of my experience was the clam chowder. Their chowder was very rich, creamy and smooth. No chewing was involved at all. I actually liked having it super temperature hot. If you swallowed it too quickly it could burn your throat or maybe you shouldn’t scarf it down so fast! It was so delicious that we will make plans to make it back to Coos Bay to enjoy SharkBites.

Location: SharkBites Seafood Cafe

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