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Indian Creek Cafe

As it was we were fortunate to have found Indian Creek Campground. So to top it all off, the campground also had a cafe as well. We’ve never been to an RV park that also had a cafe! I was very excited, I mean who doesn’t like a great breakfast…honestly! After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We only reserved one night at Indian Creek Campground because we wanted to explore Tillamook. We had about a six hour drive to get there so we figured may as well enjoy a meal before heading out. The cafe is just adjacent to the store, outside of the entrance to the park.

As we walked inside, the aroma of the food, accelerated my hunger even more. It was a beautiful morning in Gold Beach, Oregon so we decided to eat outside.

We read over the breakfast menu. Their pancakes and waffles section had some delicious options. Take a look, the chef is into pecans and fruit for toppings. I was looking forward to my breakfast.

Well I feel like I’m on auto repeat! Daniel’s order, WOW a Denver omelette!! How original (insert roll eyeS here). His order came with, you guessed it some hash browns. This time no biscuit with gravy. He actually got an order of pancakes to share with my son. I gently told him, “Hey buddy, you gotta order something different!” (Facepalm)

Let’s get to me, who out ordered him. The winner of breakfast dishes! Look at this beauty! What you see here is juicy sliced peaches decorated on top. I appreciated the heaping amount of pecans that were on top. I have to be honest I really thought the pecans were going to be in the waffle batter. Either way it was tasty, and I enjoyed it. I also ordered a side of over easy eggs and bacon to share with Diego. The bacon draped over the plate! Yum!

Location: Indian Creek Cafe

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